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The Association for Mexican Cave Studies also makes available some books from other publishers, as well as some AMCS publications that do not fall into one of its main series. Suggestions for additions to this list are welcome; contact cavercrash@gmail.com.


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Encyclopædia Biospeologica: Mexico. UMAE, Mexico. $12 NEW
A Quest for the Secrets of Xibalba. ZM Production, Czech Republic. $30
Cueva del Río La Venta: An Underground Dream. Associazione La Venta, Italy, 2012. $35
Las Cuevas de Yucatán: La Región de Valladolid. Ediciones Xibalba, France, 2011. $35
From Forests to Deserts. Associazione La Venta, Italy, 2009. $32
Crystal Giants in the Caves of Naica. Associazione La Venta, Italy, 2008. $20
Río La Venta, Treasure of Chiapas. Associazione La Venta, Italy, 1999. $65
Un viaje al México Profundo. Editorial Santillana, Mexico City, 2005. $30
Huautla, the Mexican Cave 35-minute video from film released in 1995. $5 for video DVD-R, or view
Huautla: Thirty Years in One of the World's Deepest Caves Cave Books, 2009. $23
Sótanos de México. Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales, Mexico, 2001. $15.
Proyecto Cerro Rabón 1990-1994, Oaxaca, Mexico. Speleo Projects, 1996. $36
Hidden Splendors of the Yucatan. Lalo Fiorelli, 2004. $16
Yochib: The River Cave. Cave Books, 1985. $11
Proyecto Cheve 1986-1993. Cheve Project, 1994. $10
Sierra de El Abra Cave Map Folio. AMCS, 1989. $6
Murciélagos Cavernícolas del Norte de México. Bat Conservation International, 2005. $4
Beyond the Deep. Time Warner Books, 2002. $12
Mexican Eyeless Characin Fishes, Genus Astyanax. Texas Tech Univ., 1977. $5 or free 38MB PDF file.
Chronicles of the Old Reading Grotto. Squire C. Lewis, 1996. $8 or free 7MB PDF file.
Manual de Biospeleología. Hoffmann, Palacios-Vargas, and Morales-Malacara, UNAM 1986, free 43MB PDF file.

Speleological Survey of Mexico's First Report on the Caves of Mexico, edited by T. R. Evans, February 1963. 34-MB PDF file.

AMCS Cave Report Series 1, Sotanito de Ahuacatlán, by Terry Raines, 1972. free PDF file.

Le Grotte di Naica: Esplorazione, Documentazione, Ricerca, edited by Paolo Forti, 2007. details and link

Téchnicas de Colecta Montaje y Preservación de Microartrópodos Edáficos, by José Palacios Vargas and Blanca Mejía Recamier, 2007. details and link


Tsaval. Asociación Potosina de Montañismo y Espeleología
         numbers 1 through 8, 1990 through 2022, free PDF files.

Mundos Subterráneos. Unión Mexicana de Agrupaciones Espeleológicas
         numbers 1 through 24, 1990 through 2013, free PDF files.

Death Coral Caver. Proyecto Espeleológico Purificación, annual issues:
         numbers 1 through 13, 1991 through 2003, $2 each; number 14, 2009, $5, or as free PDF files.
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All of the PDF files except Monograph 7 were prepared by the AMCS from scans. They have been OCRed and are searchable. Some of them are compressed, and the grayscale drawings may show compression artifacts. If needed, uncompressed versions can be obtained from sales@amcs-pubs.org. Most of these publications are still available on paper at the prices indicated.

Texas Memorial Museum Speleological Monographs:

  • No. 1: Studies on the Cave and Endogean Fauna of North America. 1986. $10, or free 38 MB searchable PDF
  • No. 3: Studies on the Cave and Endogean Fauna of North America II. 1992. $10, or free 20 MB searchable PDF
  • No. 5: Studies on the Cave and Endogean Fauna of North America III. 2001. $10, or free 48 MB searchable PDF
  • No. 6: Studies on the Cave and Endogean Fauna of North America IV. 2004. $10, or free 17 MB searchable PDF
  • No. 7: Studies on the Cave and Endogean Fauna of North America, Part V. 2009. Out of print, free 11.6 MB searchable PDF

Texas Memorial Museum Bulletins:

  • No. 27: A Review of the Cavernicole Fauna of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. 1981. $10, or free 27 MB searchable PDF.
  • No. 28: Further Studies on the Cave Fauna of Mexico and Adjacent Regions. (=AMCS Bul. 8) 1982. Out of print.
  • Free 23 MB searchable PDF.

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