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Proyecto Cerro Rabón

Oaxaca, Mexico

Edited by Thomas Bitterli
Speleo Projects, Basel, Switzerland 1996, A4 size, 192 pages, softbound

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This superbly produced report covers explorations on a high plateau in Oaxaca by cavers mainly from the United States and Switzerland. Caves in the area include Kijahe Xontjoa, pushed to 1181 meters deep during the period covered. General information on the area in French or German with parallel English text. Cave descriptions in French or German. Numerous black-and-white photos and well-drafted cave maps, including 15 pages of detailed sectional maps of Kijahe Xontjoa. Related publication: AMCS Reprint Series 2, Proyecto Cerro Rabón, Mexico, 1985-1989.

Table of Contents

General Chapters (geology, biology, archaeology, conservation, etc.)
Caves in the Escarpments to the East and South of Cerro Rabón
Caves Near San José Tenango
Caves in the Proximity of San Martín Caballero-Altamira-Las Ruinas
Caves Above the Trail from San José Tenango to San Martín Caballero
Caves of the High Plateau Southwest of San Martín


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