Sierra de El Abra
Cave Map Folio

Cartography by Neal Morris
ten map sheets in envelope, Association for Mexican Cave Studies 1989

This set of maps, printed on sheets up to 20 by 28 inches in size, was originally prepared for sale at the first Mexpeleo, held in Cd. Valles in 1989. The Sierra de El Abra is a limestone ridge just north of Valles. Area maps show cave locations. Most cave maps include both plans and profile.


  Sierra de El Abra area map
  Los Sabinos area map
  Tanchipa area map
  Cueva de Tanchipa
  Hoya de Zinapan
  Sistema de Montecillos
  Sótano de los Monos
  Monos area map
  small caves near Monos
  La Caldera
  Sótano de la Cuesta


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