Crystal Giants in the
Caves of Naica

Edited by Giovanni Badino
La Venta Explorazioni Geografiche, Italy; 2008
8.5 by 8.5 inches, 48 pages, hardbound

This book contains text and numerous color photos, including 18 large ones, some occupying two full pages. Cave map. From the back cover:
"A forest of crystals, the biggest ones on the planet. An unreal world, beyond imagination, beyond dream. A cave with a temperature of 50°C and 100% humidity; an infernal place, where man, without protection, can survive just a few minutes.
"A wonder of nature discovered by chance, fragile and mysterious; something we risk to lose at any time. And that will soon turn inaccessible again, hidden in the heart of the earth.
"Naica's Cave of the Crystals is a small window into the immense geological time; a window man can now open thanks to a new, exclulsive technology. A high risk 'astronautics' exploration, in order to understrand, study, document, and save. Before it becomes too late."

Table of Contents

The Naica Mine
The Discovery of the Naica Macro-Geodes
The Association La Venta in Cristales
The Hostile Environment and the Techniques Used
The Topographic Survey
Climatic Research
Mineralogical Research
The Disappearance of Cristales


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