Cueva del Río La Venta

An Underground Dream

Edited by T. Bernabei, A. De Vivo, F. Sauro, and G. Savino
La Venta Esplorazioni Geografiche, Italy; 2012
8.5 by 12 inches, 159 pages plus map plate, hardbound

A book on this Chiapas cave, heavily illustrated with color photographs, including 70 full-page ones. Covers the discovery and exploration of the cave, the description of the through-trip (6600 meters long and 405 meters deep) from the upper entrance to the exit on the Río La Venta canyon, and the archaeology of the area. One through-trip was dedicated to photography. Purposes of the book include encouraging cavers to visit the cave and promoting preservation of the karst. There is a two-page map of the cave in the book, and a pocket inside the back cover contains a large folded sheet with an area map on one side and a 3-D diagram of the cave on the other.

Table of Contents

The Origins and Development of the Río La Venta Karst System
Towards Cueva del Río La Venta
The Cueva del Río La Venta, a Long Journey (with explorers' essays)
Through-Trip from Sumidero II to Cueva del Río La Venta (with technical notes)
Drawing the Caves (the survey)
Photographing the Caves
April 2009: The International Photographic Expedition (with team essays)
Above the Caves: Local Inhabitants and the Speleologists
The Cueva del Río La Venta and the Ancient Zoque
The Importance of Speleological Explorations
What Future for the Cueva del Río La Venta?

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