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The Association for Mexican Cave Studies has a considerable collection of material, donated or received in exchange, in its library and archives. This includes a number of caving books and periodicals, especially from Europe, that don't have anything about Mexico in them. Nevertheless, they are kept and cataloged in case anyone needs access to them. Additional material is always welcome and will be cataloged as time permits.


 Items in the library are on shelves, in a flat file, or in numbered magazine-file boxes.

AMCS magazines and bulletins. The old Association for Mexican Cave Studies Newsletter, the ongoing AMCS Activities Newsletter, and the AMCS bulletin series. Sorted by series and number.

Books about Mexico. Includes AMCS reprints and other books about Mexican caves as well as some other books about Mexico. Alphabetical by author.

Books not about Mexico. Alphabetical by author.

Offprints and pamphlets. None of this material is about Mexico. Items of this sort about Mexico are in the AMCS paper archives. Alphabetical by author.

Calendars and posters. Alphabetical by title.

Periodicals. This category includes magazines that the AMCS has a run of or magazines that contain nothing about Mexican caves, even if we have only one or two issues. Isolated issues of periodicals that contain material about Mexican caves are in the archives, not the library, even if the entire issue is held. The periodicals catalog notes all items in the periodicals about Mexican caves. Alphabetical by title.

Texas Caver bibliography. Selective bibliography of articles about Mexican caving in that magazine from volume 1 in 1955.

NSS News bibliography. Selective bibliography of articles or news items about Mexican caving in that magazine starting in 1941.


Paper archives. Items in the paper archives, including photographs and slides in plastic sleeves, are arranged in file folders, with the items in a folder being numbered individually. For example, item 0326-05 is the fifth item in file folder 0326. This is the only way the items are cataloged, and since there are over five thousand items, a method of locating things has been created for those who have JavaScript enabled in their web browser. A set of fields allowing flexible string searches will appear at the top of the page. Only items matching the criteria will be displayed. If you don't have JavaScipt, you may try to search the list using whatever "find" capability your browser provides. An effort has been made to include the name of the relevant Mexican state in each entry, where appropriate. In some cases, the individual items' descriptions are not complete without also seeing information in the folder heading. Thanks to Glenn Washburn for writing the JavaScript. (Oversize items, such as large cave maps or topo maps, are in a flat file and so far uncataloged.)

Archive disks. "Disks" now on multiple hard drives in folders Dnnn.

Mexican Cave Survey Compiled by Gerald Moni in about 1995–2002. Database (without coordinate locations) and format information.