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Mexican Caving Articles in the NSS News, 1941-2015

Compiled by Bill Mixon

This is a bibliography of material on caves and caving in Mexico from the NSS News since its beginning in 1941. It should include all feature articles a page or more long (bold face type).  The catalog of smaller  items is less comprehensive, and many items in the various news-and-notes type columns that made up much of the issues, especially in the ealier years, no doubt escaped my hasty scanning of the more than eighteen thousand pages through 2014 alone. Special "American Caving Accidents" issues of the NSS News, labeled part 2, are not included. Months within a year are generally in alphabetical, rather than chronological, order reflecting the file names of the issues on my computer. Members of the National Speleological Society may view or download issues from the NSS web site at Individual items may be requested from the AMCS.

—Bill Mixon

(bibliography through December 2015)

1946, March. Note about possible Mexico caving trip, 4(2)5.

1946, June. Note Mexico trip plans changed, 4(5),3.

1946, July. Note from start of Mexico trip, 4(6)3.

1946, August. Report on Mexico trip, Cacahuamilpa, Juxtlahuaca, Cueva Saltans de Arroyo, 4(7)2.

1946, October. Report on second Mexico trip, Boca de Diablo near Taxco, Cacahuamilpa, blind fish caves, 4(9)5.

1947, January. Mention of plans for International Congress of Speleology in Monterrey in late summer, 5(1)3.

1948, February. Note that on Ohio members plans Mexican trip, 6(2)4.

1949, November. Announcement of First International Congress of Speleological Societies in Monterrey in 1950, 7(11)1.

1950, April. Special Supplement—Caves of Mexico, by Charles E. Mohr, 8(4)3-6. Caves along Pan-American Highway; Grutas de Cacahuamilpa; blind fish.

1950, July, August. World Meeting of Speleologists in Monterrey, N.L., Mexico, Great Success, by Burton Faust, 8(7)3-4,(8)5.

1950, September. The Great Cave of Bustamante, by Nancy Rogers, 8(9)3.

1953, July. Cable Car Line to Garcia Caverns, by Lew Kibbee, 11(7)4, just a paragraph.

1953, July. Book review by Rod Johnson of Robert Hatt's Faunal and Archeological Researches in Yucatan Caves, 11(7)6.

1954, September. Anonymous resume of article in Time magazine, April 26, 1954, about archaeological investigations in Infernillo Canyon, Tamaulipas, 12(9)8.

1955, January. Note that cavers from California plan trip to Mexico, from Monterrey to Taxco. 13(1)5.

1957, November. Caving Expedition to Mexico, by Dan Peters, 15(11)129-132. Boca del Diablo, Guerrero, map.

1957, September. Mexican Caves Yield Ancient Pottery, by James Manning, 15((9)103. Huestecan pottery, Tamaulipas.

1960, October. Announcement of comimg Texas Region project at Bustamante, Mexico, 18(10)117.

1962, October. Cover photo, Gruta de Bustamante, 20(10)153.

1963, January. Announcement by T. R. Evans that he is initiating a Mexico Cave Survey, 21(1)3.

1963, November. Three Caves of Yucatan, by James Powell, 21(11)170-172. Xtucumbil-Xunan, Balancanche, Loltun.

1964, August. Summary of paper by C. Bolivar y Pieltan and J. Hendrichs about cavernicolous Rhadine beetles in Mexican caves, 22(8)96.

1964, August. Summary of paper by Nell Causey on new species of Mexican troglobite, 22(8)96. Sotano del Arroyo.

1964, August. Lists of deepest Mexican pits and caves, 22(8)99.

1964, December. Announcement of open membership for Association for Mexican Cave Studies, 22(12)168.

1964, January. Cover drawing of entrance drop, Cueva del Arroyo, 22(1)1 (caption p. 2).

1964, March. Cover photo from entrance to Gruta del Palmito, 22(3)21 (caption p. 22).

1964, March. Information on post-NSS-convention trip to Gruta del Palmito, 22(3)24-25.

1964, November. Abstract of NSS convention talk The Caves of Mexico, 22(11)155.

1965, August. Note about problem with rabid bats in the Sierra Tarahumara, 23(10)117.

1965, May. The Exploration of Sótano de Tlamaya—North America's Deepest to Date, by Bill Bell and Terry Raines, 23(5)62-65. Profile map.

1965, November. Note by John Fish that Sótano de Tlamaya had been deepened, 23(11)155.

1965, October. Note about article on new species of cave isopod from Sótano de Huitzmolotitla.

1966, December. Mention that William Russell and Terry Raines will speak on Recent Additions to the Knowledge of Cave Distribution in Mexico at a session of the 1966 AAAS meeting, 24(12)257.

1966, March. Review of book The Discovery and Possible Significance of X-Kukican, Ancient Mayan Site, 24(3)37.

1966, May. Note by Terry Raines, Sótano de Tlamaya bottomed at 1488 feet, 24(5)93.

1967, June. Note promoting the AMCS and its publications, by Terry Raines, 25(6)109.

1967, November. Review of article about old cave paintings in Juxtlahuaca, Guerrero, 25(11)194.

1967, October. Editorial about littering in Mexican caves by Terry Raines, reprinted from Association for Mexican Cave Studies Newsletter 2(4), 25(10)179.

1967, October. Abstract of NSS convention talk A Descent of Sótano de la Golondrinas, by T. R. Evans, 25(10)189.

1967, September. Note about seeking photos for slide show on Golondrinas, 25(9)161.

1968, August. Exploration of Río Iglesia Cave, Huautla, Mexico, by Mike Boon, 26(8)119.

1968, December. Note on exploration of "Sótano Hondo de Sierra de los Arboles de Puerto de los Lobos," 620-foot drop, 26(12)190-191.

1968, March. The First Descent of Sótano de las Golondrinas, by Bill Deane, 26(3)40-43, cover.

1968, May. Review by John Cooper of AMCS Bulletin 1, Caves of the Inter-American Highway, 26(5)63-64.

1968, November. Mention of several Mexico papers on program for AAAS meeting in Dallas, 26(11)177,188.

1969, September. Near Accident in Grutas de Quintero, by Russ Harmon, 27(9)127.

1970, April. Note that power lines have been run to Gruta del Palmito, 28(4)39.

1970, August. Cover photo from Gruta del Palmito, 28(8)101 (caption 102).

1970, March. Sótano de las Golondrinas: Now Mexico's Third Deepest, by John Bassett and Neal Morris, 28(3)32-33.

1971, August. Note from Bill Steele about being properly prepared and trained for Golondrinas, 29(8)95.

1971, March. Cover photo of Gruta del Palmito, 29(2)21 (caption 22).

1971, November. The Discovery and Exploration of Sotanito de Ahuacatlán, by Mike Walsh, 29(11)130-132, cover and caption 125,126.

1971, October. Cover photo Gruta del Palmito, 29(10)113 (caption 114).

1973, August. Note by Craig Bittinger that cavers have recently found Gruta del Palmito, lava tubes near Ocampo, Tamps., and Sótano del Vasquez, and that James Reddell has been working in the Yucatan, 31(8)134.

1973, November, Cover photo of Gruta del Palmito, 31(11)187 (caption 188).

1973, November, Call for AMCS Newsletter material by Reddell and Elliott, 31(11)188.

1973 November, Mention of visits to Joya de Salas, Cueva del Brinco, and Gruta del Palmito, 31(11)192.

1973, October, Note about recent trips to Gruta del Precipicio, Gruta del Palmito, Gruta de Carrizal; first Mexican Congress of Speleology; James Reddell finding blind eel in Yucatan, 31(10)178.

1973, September, Note about AMCS work in Gruta del Palmito, Gruta del Precipicio, and Yucatan caves, 31(9)158.

1974, December, Small display ad for AMCS annual membership for $1, 32(12)248.

1974, January, Column of news from AMCS area, mention of Bustamante area, area south of Monterrey and east of Saltillo, mountains east of Victoria, Sierra de Guatemala, Sótano del Arroyo and Nacimiento del Río Choy, 32(1)3.

1974, July, Column of news from AMCS area, mention of Sierra de Guatemala, Cueva la Agua, fish caves near El Pujal, rumor about cavers overpaying for burros at El Sótano, caves in Bustamante area, 32(1)155.

1974, June, Column of news from AMCS area, mention of Sótano Itamo, Dos Bocas Grutas de Carlos Pacheco, Cacahuamilpa, Sótano de San Francisco, Sótanos de Arroyo and Tinaja, 32(6)101-102.

1974, March. Long column of news from AMCS area, many caves and areas mentioned, especially in Sierra de El Abra, 32(3)45-46.

1974, November. Column of news from AMCS area, mention of El Socavón, Yochib and leads in Chiapas, Cave of the Swords, Yucatan biological investigations, Sótano de Venadito, El Abra pits. 32(11)223-224.

1974, October. Note about various projects (Huasteca Canyon, Sótano de Venadito, El Abra); rebuttal of previous note about price of burros, 32(10)208-209.

1975, February. Column about news from AMCS area, mention of Cueva Linda, Hoya de Quital, Hoya el Diablo, Sótano de Venadito, Grutas de Quintero, Mexican topo maps, 33(2)29.

1975, March. Long column of news from AMCS area, mention of Sierra de El Abra (Sótano de Otates, Sótano de Sedero, Sótano de Arbol, Sótano de Cuatituesday), Sótano de Socavon, Sótano Itamo, Cueva de Kaua, Ztacumbilxunam, Grutas de San Antonio, Cueva de Tinaja, Sótano del Arroyo, Cueva de Los Sabinos, Sumidero Yochib, establishment of new publication (eventually named AMCS Activities Newsletter), 33(3)45.

1975, May. Column of news from AMCS area, mention of Gruta de Carrizal, Cueva de Diamante, Sótano de Venadito, 33(5)86.

1975, November. Column of news from AMCS, mention of Illusive Pit, Cueva de la Mora, 33(11)181.

1975, October. A Report of Las Grutas del Palmito (Bustamante), John Bridges, 33(10)158-159.

1975, October. The Caves of Tinum, by John Gorman, 33(10)161. Caves near Valladolid: Tchac Suk, caves of Rancho San Miguel.

1975, September. Column of news from AMCS, mention of Sótano de Casi Mil, Cueva de Kaua, cave near Cuevas Minas, Sótano de Gómez Farías, Cueva Escondida, Cueva de El Povenir, 33(9)149-150.

1976, January. Column of AMCS news, mentions of Sótano de Sauz, Sótano de Javalin, Joya de Conchas, 34(1)13.

1976, March. Column of AMCS news, mentions Cueva de Diamante, Xilitla highlands, Sótano de Javalin, Hoya de las Conchas, El Sotanito, Sótano de las Golondrinas (fissure section), Sótano Hondo de Pinalito, Cueva de Juan Sánchez, 34(3)51-52.

1976, May. Book review by Geoff Frasz of reprint of Hill Caves of Yucatan, 34(5)93-94.

1976, October. Column of AMCS news, mentions lava blisters near Teotihuacán, Sótano de Sauz, Sumidero Chenalhó, Sumidero Yochib, Guatemala, 34(10)173-174.

1976, October. Long column of AMCS news, mentions Laguna Grande polje, Diamante, blind homopteran near Acatlán, Hoya de las Conchas, El Sotanito, Sotanito de Canoas, Sótano de Nogál, Hoya de la Luz 34(10)176-177.

1976, September. Cover photo Gruta del Palmito, 34(9)153 (caption 154).

1977, December. Column of news from AMCS area, mentions "Elusive" Pit, Cueva de la Peña, 35(12)247.

1977, January. Cover photo Cueva de la Boca, 35(1)1 (caption 2, correction to caption (4)71).

1977, July. Mexico's Sótano de San Agustín: Now the Western Hemisphere's Deepest, by Bill Steele, 35(7)136-137. Also a news note on p. 140.

1977, May. Mention that February 1977 D.C. Speleograph contains trip report on Cueva de Diamante, 35(5)140.

1977, October. News column on AMCS area, mentions Cueva de Infiernillo, Cueva los Pajaros, Hoya de las Guaguas, La Grieta, 35(10)210.

1977, October. Review by John Cooper of Mexican Eyeless Characin Fishes, Genus Astyanax: Environment, Distribution, and Evolution, 35(10)215.

1977, September. News column on AMCS area, mentions Sumidero Yochib, Cueva del Brinco, Sótano de San Agustín, 35(9)181.

1978, April, The Latest AMCS Expedition to La Grieta, Mexico, by Bill Stone, 36(4)67-74,78-79. Maps.

1978, December. Review by Bill Mixon of AMCS Activities Newsletter 8, 36(12)244.

1978, February. News column on AMCS area, mentions Cueva del Brinco, Cueva de la Peña, Sumidero de Chichicasapan, 36(2)30.

1978, May. News column on AMCS area, mentions Huautla area, Zoquitlán, Diamante, La Grieta, Sótano de Agua le Carrizo, Cueva de la Peña, Sótano del Coztcomilpa, Cueva de Coyomilpa, 36(5)106-107.

1978, May. Mexican Topographic Maps, by Will Schwartz, 36(5)110-111.

1978, May. Short announcement, cavers needed for exploration and mapping caves in eastern Querétaro, 36(5)114.

1978, November. Correction to data on Sistema Purificación that appeared in September issue, 36(11)229.

1978, September. Gruta de Juxtlahuaca, by William Halliday, 36(9)188.

1978, September. News note that Cueva del Brinco and Cueva de Infiernillo connected to form Sistema Purificación, 36(9)199 (length and depth correction in November).

1979, January. Fundraising plea for Huautla area expedition, 37(1)9.

1979, January. Rescue from Sistema Purificación, 37(1)17.

1979, July. Huautla 1979: The Almost Triple Connection, by Bill Stone, 37(7)151-155, cover photo and caption 149-150. Area profile map.

1979, May. 1,000 Meter Quest, by Bill Stone, 37(5)102. Sótano de San Agustín.

1979, September. What's Happening in Mexico?, by Joe Looney, 37(9)216-217. Long summary of contents of AMCS Activities Newsletter 9, with profile map El Sótano de El Barro.

1980, December. Announcement that Sistema Huautla had surpassed 1000 m deep on March 29, 1980, 38(12)325.

1980, February. Mexico Discoveries, by Dale Pate, 38(2)34. Sótano de las Calenduras, Sótano de la Joya de Salas, Hoya de la Mina Barita, Sistema Purificación, Sótana de Seis Segundos, La Nita, Atepolehuit de San Andrés, Cueva de Tasalolpan, Sumidero de Coahuatichan, Sima Zoquiapan, Cueva de Gueyateno Tres.

1980, January. Note by Bill Steele thanking cavers for contributions to Huautla Project, 38(1)11.

1980, March. Li Nita: 1020 Meters Below Huautla!, report, apparently by the editor based on info from Bill Steele, 38(3)51.

1980, September. Li Nita Joined to San Agustín: World's Third Deepest, by Bill Stone, 38(9)200-208, cover p. 197, caption p. 199 (correction October p. 223).

1981, April. Sótano de Trinidad: 815 Meters and Mexico's Fourth Deepest, by Tom Miller, 39(4)82,84.

1981, June. News note, -940 meters in Nita Nanta during 1981 Huautla expedition, 39(6)135.

1982, April. The Ordeal: Rescue in San Agustín, by Jean-Pierre Braun, 40(4)115-116.

1982, July. News notes about diving in Cueva de la Peña Colorada and exploration in Nita Nanta, 40(7)190.

1982, March. News notes about Sumidero de Santa Elena, Cueva Ayockal, Nita Nanta, 40(3)37,47.

1982, September. Sumidero Santa Elena: The Story of the NSS Western Region Expedition to Mexio 1982, by Steve Knutson, 40(9)236-245, cover photo 225, caption 229. Map.

1983, January. Notes about Huautla resurgence (probably really Peña Colorada), Nita Nanta, Sumidero Santa Elena, 41(1)4.

1983, January. Grant application (abstract?) for NSS 1982 grant, study of Astyanax species complex, to Aldemaro Romero, 41(1)8.

1983, June. Sistema Huautla: The Adventure Continues. Includes parts 1981 Agua de Cerro Expedition, by Bill Steele; A Breakthrough at the Huautla Resurgence, by Bill Stone; The 1983 Expedition, by Jim Smith; 41(6)168-181. Maps.

1983, March. Report of accident in Sótano de San Agustín 1980, 41(3)102-103.

1983, March. Reports on 1980 incident (flood entrapment) in Cueva de Tzitzicazapan, accident in Hoya de Guaguas, 41(3)104-105.

1983, March. Report on 1981 accident, unnamed pit near Huautla, 41(3)111.

1983, October. Report on 1982 flooding incident in Sumidero Santa Elena, 41(10)257.

1983, October. Report on 1982 accident in Nita Nanta, 41(10)258-259.

1983, October. Report on incident in Grutas de Tolontongo, 41(10)264.

1983, September. Cover photographs Sótano de las Golondrinas, 41(9)227,250 (caption 229).

1984, April. The Caves of Yucatan: The Relationship between a Culture and its Envirornment, by David Washburn, 42(4)150-155. Xtacumbilxunan, Loltún, Balankanche, Sacred Well at Chichán Itzá, Cenote Chun Mul, Xpukil, Sabac-ha, Cenote Izmalchen, Cenote Zaci.

1984, December. Note with a couple of corrections to Nita Nanta Expedition report in October issue, 42(4)365.

1984, December. Photograph taken in Gruta del Palmito, 42(12)382.

1984, January. Note in summary of 1982 explorations about Cerro Grande (Jalisco/Colima), connection of Nita Sa into Nita Nanta, diving in Cueva de la Peña Colorada, 42(1)7.

1984, July. Note about Cueva de la Peña Colorada expedition, 42(7)243.

1984, October. Expedition Log: Nita Nanta Expedition, by James Smith, 42(19)306-312.

1985, August. Column about results of Sistema Huautla expedition, including connection of La Grieta into the system, also Australians at Nita Xonga, 43(8)260.

1985, May. Report that Sótano de Tlamaya was remapped to 449 meters deep, 43(5)183.

1985, November. In article on potential deep-cave areas in southern North America, mention of Zoquitlan, Puebla, Mt. Yuccayacua, Oaxaca , and Cerro Grande, Colima/Jalisco, 43(11)338.

1985, October. Article Huautla: Exploration of la Peña Colorada, 43(10)300-310.

1986, August. International news item about expedition with underground camp to Sistema Purificación, 44(10)305.

1986, August. Recap of article from 1946 NSS Newsletter about expdition to Mexico, Cacahuamilpa, Juxtlahuaca, Cueva Saltans de Arroyo near Valles, 44(10)305.

1986, August. Announcement of new publication series of photographic essays of Mexican caves to be edited and produced by Terry Raines (didn't happen), 44(10)309.

1986, January. Article Charles Breder and the Mexican Blind Cave Characid, by Aldemaro Romero. Cueva Chica, 44(1)16-18.

1986, August. News note about caves of Zongolica, Puebla, area, citing Descent, 44(6)254.

1986, March. News note about Cueva del Tecolote exploration, 44(3)68.

1986, March. News note about British expedition to caves in Xilitla area, and also exploration of Sótano de Tlamaya by others, 44(3)68-69.

1986, May. Review of AMCS Activities Newsletter 15, by Jay Arnold, 44(5)112,129.

1986, October. Article Chilchotla '85: Australians Open New Area in Mexico, by Alan Warild, 44(10)352-353.

1986, September. Trip report by Squire Lewis about 1964 trip to Mexico with Sara Corrie, 44(9)322-327 (in sidebars).

1986, September. News note about underwater caves of Quintana Roo, 44(9)332.

1986, September. News note about results of British expedition to Xilitla Plateau, 44(9)332.

1987, December. Article Mexico: 1985 Huautla Expedition, by Jim Smith, 45(12)405-409, cover p. 401, caption p. 403.

1987, December. Article 1987 Huautla Expedition, by ?, 45(12)410-415.

1987, February. News note about exploration of Cueva de la Llorona in Purificación project area, 45(2)40.

1987, February. Report that a new road goes within a half-mile of Sótano de la Golondrinas, with plea about too many bolts at the top, 45(2)40. map.

1987, June. News note about progress in Cueva del Tecolote, 45(6)129.

1987, November. Book reviews of AMCS Activities Newsletter 16 and Carlos Lazcano's Las Cavernas de la Sierra Gorda, 45(10)382.

1987, October. Article Mante: Return to Macho Pit, by Sheck Exley, 45(10)341-343. map

1988, August. News notes about Mexican caving: Sistema Purificación, Sótano de Ocotempa, Akimati, Cueva Cheve, Sistema Huautla, British Black Holes Expedition, 46(8)326.

1988, December. Note about "School of Simple Caving," by Mike Boon, at Sumidero Tenejapa, Chiapas, 46(8)444.

1988, December. News notes, duplicate of what was in August issue, 46(12)463-464.

1988, March. News note, Sótano de Ocotempa, 46(3)72.

1988, May. News notes, Cueva Cheve, Cueva del Tecolote, Sistema Purificación, Sonconga, Guixani Ndia Guinjao, 46(5)125.

1988, May. Note urging better maintenance for Grutas de García, 46(5)129-130.

1988, November. Letter about depth of water path to Nacimiento del Río Mante, 46(10),414-415.

1988, September. Article Mante Update: Americans Set New Cave Diving Records, 46(9)358-359.

1989, August. Announcement of coming Mexpeleo '89 in Valles, San Luis Potosí, 47(8)197.

1989, August. News notes on Sistema Cuicateca, Oaxaca, and Borbollón, San Luis Potosí,  47(8)200.

1989, August. News note about underwate caves of Quintana Roo, 47(8)201.

1989, August. Review of AMCS Activities Newsletter 17, 47(8)311.

1989, December. News notes about Sótano de Alhuastle, Puebla, a couple of other caves in that vicinity, and Puente Osto Natural connection to Cueva Cheve, 47(12)305.

1989, June. News note about new cave diving depth record in Nacimiento del Río Mante, Tamaulipas, 47(6)151.

1990, August. New note about coming Second International Speleological Congress in Monterrey, 48(8)215.

1990, February. News note about coming Second International Speleological Congress in Monterrey, 48(2)53.

1990, July. News note about coming International Speleological Congress in Monterrey, 48(7)190.

1990, June. News note about recent work in Sistema Cuicateca (Cheve) and its resurgence area, 486)162.

1990, March. News note about coming International Speleological Congress in Monterrey, 48(3)81.

1990, September. News note about Cueva de Agua Carlota, Oaxaca, 48(9)224.

1991, April. news note death of Chris Yeager in Cueva Cheve, Oaxaca, 49(4)130.

1991, January. announcement and call for participants, Copper Canyon research project, Chihuahua, June 1991, 49(1)44.

1991, June. Obituary for Chris Yeager, 49(6)186.

1991, June. International news column on cave diving in Quintana Roo: Cenote Carwash, Sistema Naranjal (Naharon+Maya Blue), 49(6)187.

1991, September. International news column on Kijahe Xontjoa and Sistema Cuicateca, Oaxaca, 49(9)277.

1992, April. News note about Sótano de Lutevio and Sótano de Lamoras, San Luis Potosí, and Sistema Cuicateca in Oacaxa body recovery, 50(4)104.

1992, December. Aerial photo of La Caldera, in the Sierra de El Abra, Tamaulipas, 50(12)308.

1992, January. Aerial photo of Sótano de El Barro, Querétaro, 50(1)27.

1992, March. article Purificación: Mexico's Master Cave System, by Peter Sprouse, 50(3)64-73, with line plots of Purificación, Tecolote, and Calenturas, Tamaulipas.

1992, October. article Search for Xibalba, the Underworld of the Ancient Maya Gods, by Mike Madden and Ron Winkler, 50(10)264. Nohoch Nah Chich, Quintana Roo, with line plot.

1992, September. news note Sistema Cuicataca (Cheve), Cueva del Palomora, Oaxaca, 50(9)242.

1993, April. news notes about Sistema Purificación, Cueva Paraiso Dificil, Oaxaca; lava tubes near Cuernavaca, Morelos; Sierra Negra, Puebla; and Xilitla area, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro; plus Mexpeleo 92 in Taxco, Guerrero, 51(4)106-107.

1993, January. article Cueva Cheve 1992 Expedition Report, by Louis Hose and Peter Bosted, Oaxaca, with profile map of Cueva Palomitas and line profile of Sistema Cheve, 51(1)4-13.

1993, July. news note about expedition to Xilitla Plateau, San Luis Potosí, 51(7)192.

1993, November. article Antebellum Caving in Mexico, by Steve Smith, Ulysses S. Grant's visit to Cacahuamilpa, Guerrero, 51(11)301-302.

1993, November. news notes on 1993 Cerro Rabón and Sistema Cheve expeditions, Oaxaca.

1993, October. note on short article on Huautla, Oaxaca, project in May 1993 Outside magazine, 51(10)286.

1994, May. Photo from Gruta del Palmito, Nuevo León, 52(5)138.

1994, April. photo from Cueva de Ranch Seco, Coahuila, 52(4)114

1994, April. announcement byGill Ediger of Mexican fieldtrips before and after the 1994 NSS convention in Texas, 52(4)127.

1994, August. Photo from Sótano de San Agustín, Oaxaca, 52(8)226.

1994, August. article San Jasecito Cave: Recent Explorations into the Past, by Ronald Ralph, Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales, and Eileen Johnson, Nuevo León (with plan and profile map), 52(8)230-235.

1994, June. article The Horror: Stranded in Guaguas, by Ron Ralph, San Luis Potosí, 52(6)188-189.

1994, March. article Who Cares about Mexican Bats?, by John Pint, 52(3)94-97. with plan map Cueva de Rogelio y Teresa, Jalisco.

1994, March. news notes Xilitla area, Sótano de Alfredo, Sótano Brillante, Sótano de Catarino, San Luis Potosí; Sótano de San Agustín, Oaxaca, 52(3)110-111.

1994, November. news notes summary of 1994 Huautla expedition, Oaxaca; Xilitla Project, San Luis Potosí, 52(11)141.

1995, February. news note on Nohoch Na Chich, Quintana Roo, 53(2)63.

1995, January. news note about meeting on bat conservation between Mexicans and Americans, 53(1)18,23.

1995, May. article Mexicans and Gringos Join Forces, by Louise Hose, Mixtlancingo, Guerrero, with cave maps, 53(5)132-137.

1995, October. article Exploration of Los Juantos, by Jonathan Smith and Steve Ford, state unknown, 53(10)268-273.

1996, December. news note Arroyo Grande and Soconusco area, Chiapas, 54(12)340.

1996, June. review of Jay Arnold's film Huautla, the Mexican Cave; by Jeanne Gurnee, Oaxaca, 54(6)157.

1996, May. Claim to junction of Dos Ojos and Nohoch Nah Chich, Quintana Roo, 54(5)134.

1996, November. cover photo Santa Cruz Cave, Oaxaca, 54(11)285.

1997, April. news note findout of bat colony in El Infierno de la Camolera, Nuevo León, 55(4)122.

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