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PERIODICALS other than AMCS publications

If the AMCS owns a single issue of a periodical that has an article about Mexican caves, it is in the AMCS Archives, not the Library.

Alphabetical by title. Holdings of titles not dedicated to Mexican caves and caving have been searched for Mexico cave items, which vary greatly in interest or significance. Something recorded as a "note" or "mention" is probably only a short paragraph. For periodicals having relatively sparse Mexico material, so that at some point the AMCS might decide not to keep the magazine, the material has been photocopied for the AMCS Archives. Whether or not this has been done is indicated for each publication.

Anthèo. Bollettino del Gruppo Speleo Archeologico "Giovanni Spano" de Cagliari, Italy. Volume 27, number 10, October 2011. Box 32. No Mexico.

Arxiu del Centre Excursionista de Terrassa. Federació d'Entitata Excursionistes de Catalunya, Federació Catalana d'Esquí, Institució Catalana d'Història Natural, Spain.  Numbers 16, 23, 29, 44, 53. See Recull de Treballs Espeleològics Secció d'Investigacions Subterrànies.

Atti e Memorie della Commissione Grotto "Eugenio Boegan." Società Alpina delle Giulie, Sezione di Trieste del Club Alpino Italiano, Trieste, Italy. vols 24-26 1985-1987, 28 1989, 30-33 1991-1995, 35-39 1997-2003, Index to vols. 21-30 1994. In Italian. Boxes 52, 53. Articles copied for AMCS archives.

24 17-45. Article Messico 1985, by Tullio Ferluga and Louis Torelli.

26 15-37. Article Messico 1986, by Paolo Pezzolato.

Index 52-55. List of Mexican caves in numbers 21-30.

Attivita'. Gruppo Speleologico Verona. Italy. 1977, 78, 79, 80/81. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 5.

Aventura Vertical. Revista de Montañismo. Mexico DF. Vol. 2 nos. 3,4,6 1988-89, numbers 14-17 2000. In Spanish. The following items have NOT been copied for AMCS archives. Box 15.

2(3)43-47. Article on Sótano de Tilaco by Rodolfo Pertack.

2(4)9. Mention of exhibition of cave photos.

2(4)24-29. Article on caving by Amilcar Jiménez.

2(4) 49. Advertisement for IV Congreso Nacional Mexicano de Espeleología.

2(6)16-22. Article on Mexican caving by Ruth Diamant, photos by Ramón Espinasa. Includes long and deep Mexican cave lists as of October 1990.

Number 16. Article on Resumidero de la Joya by José Montriel.

Number 17. Article on Cueva Charco by José Antonio Soriano, Nancy Pistole, and Bill Stone.

Base Draco: Revista de Divulgación de Temas Espeleológicos y Afines. Asociación Base Draco, Mexico DF. Numbers 1-12, 14-16 1982-1999. Printed from scans in PDF file. Second copy of #4 is original. Box 39. See also Folleto Informativo.

BCRA Bulletin. British Cave Research Association. Numbers 14-17, 1976-1977. [After number 20, this title was superseded by Caves and Caving.] Box 9. Mexico (have been copied for AMCS archives):

#15, Feb 1977 p 17. Notes on Vulcan de los Murielagos, Yucatan, and Grutas de San Antonio, Campeche, citing NSS News 33(10).

#16, May 1977 p 8. Short notes on Sótano de Nogal, Hoya de la Luz, and Sótano de Sauz, citing NSS News Oct 1976; uncredited note on San Agustín, La Grieta, and Diamante; note on C. de Laguna Verde, Oaxaca, citing Canadian Caver 8(2).

#17 Aug 1977 p 5. Note from Wil Howie about explorations of San Agustín, Oaxaca, and Yochib, Chiapas.

Boletín Asociación Mexicana Espeleología. Number 1 1978, number 2 no date (number 2 has main title Caverna). In Spanish, with most content duplicated in English. Box 26.

Boletín del Centto de Exploraciones Espeleológicas de la Universidad Simon Bolivar. Caracas, Venezuela. 1(1) 1981. In Spanish. Box 26. No Mexico.

Boletín Espeleológico SIEP. Seccion Investigaciones Espeleologicas, Centro Excursionista Poblet, Barcelona. Number 10 1978. In Spanish. Box 26. No Mexico.

Boletín de la Sociedad Venezolana de Espelelogía. Caracas. vol 6 number 11 1975, vol 10 numbers 18,19 1982. In Spanish. No Mexico. Box 6.

Buletin Informativ. Comisia Centrală de Speologie Sportivă, Federația Romănă Turism - Alpinism, Romania. Number 2. 1978. In Romanian. Box 27. No Mexico.

Bulletin Société Spéléologique de Namur. Belgium. Number "special" 1980 [1981], number "special" 1982. In French. No Mexico. Box 2. 

Carbonata. Grup d'Exploracions i Recerques Subterrànies, Agrupació Excursionista Muntanya, Barcelona. Number 5 1986. In Catalan. Box 26. No Mexico.

Caverna. See Boletín Associación Mexicana Espeleología.

Las Cavernes Valaisannes. Bulletin de la Section Valaisanne de la SSS (Swiss Speleological Society),  Valais Canton, Switzerland. 1978. In French. Box 28. Mentions (p. 58, not copied) that SCV Activities #34 has an article about Mexico. 

Cave Science. Transactions of the British Cave Research Association. 14(3) Dec 1987. Box 26. No Mexico.

Caves and Caving: Bulletin of the British Cave Research Association. [After number 92, this title was superseded by Speleology.]  #1 1978, #5-12, 14-18, 20 1979-1983, 33,35-42, 44-52, 54-59, 61, 62, 64-69, 71, 72, 74, 75 1986-1997, 86-92 1999-2002. Boxes 9, 10, 11. Mexico (all have been copied for AMCS archives; archives may eventually also contain material from issues missing from this library):

1 Aug 1978 29. Note on Canadian Caver 9(2) containing material on Sumidero Yochib and Sumidero Cheralko, Chiapas.

5 Aug 1979 21. Note by Jim Eyre about failure of his Lewis Rope Walker in El Sótano. Debate on issue continues for several more pages in numbers 5 and 6, not copied.

6 Nov 1979 38. Note on Agua de Carrizo, Oaxaca, citing Windy City Speleonews 19(1).

8 May 1980 42. Short review of AMCS Activities Newsletter 10, mentioning some of the lengths and depths reported.

11 Feb 1981 25. Mentions article in September 1980 NSS News about connection between Li Nita and San Agustín, Oaxaca.

11 Feb 1981 36. Brief announcement about coming 1982 British expedition to Mexico.

15 Feb 1982 31. Longer announcement about same, to base at San Cristobal in Chiapas highlands.

16 May 1982 30. Mention of same expedition, ongoing.

20 May 1983 2. Mentions exploration of Veshtucoc, Chiapas, free-diving three sumps; no source credit.

20 May 1983 6-7. Article on cases of histoplasmosis gotten by some members of British 1982 expedition in Nac. de Río Salado, Chiapas.

35 spring 1987 41. Mentions that NSS News October 1986 has article about Chilchotla, Oaxaca, area.

35 spring 1987 46. Reply to comment about unadventurous American cavers in article in prior issue about British 1985 expedition to Xilitla Plateau.

36 summer 1987 38. Note about Jour. Sydney Spel Soc. 30(9-12) article about Chilchotla, Oaxaca.

37 fall 1987 15. Mentions articles in Progressione 13-15 (1985-86) and Atti e Memorie 24 (1985) about Italian Mexico '85 expedition.

38 winter 1987 37-38. Another response to American cavers not adventurous (see number 35).

40 summer 1988 41. Short review of SMES Buletín 1.

40 summer 1988 47. Another response . . .

42 winter 1988 36. Resume of contents NSS News, including Monte, Tamaulipas 45(10), Huautla, Oaxaca 45(12).

44 summer 1989 45. Note that Sous Terre 5(2-4) contains report on expedition to Sierra Negra, Puebla.

46 winter 1989 42. Request for information for Gerald Moni's Mexican caves database.

47 spring 1990 32. Mentions that [Nashville] Speleonews 32(6) contains lists of longest and deepest caves in Mexico.

48 summer 1990 36. Mentions Italian expedition to Chiapas, citing Grotte.

48 summer 1990 42. Announces that British expedition to Chiapas March 1990 has received funding from Ghar Parau Foundation.

51 spring 1991 42-43. Mentions data in Subterraneo 6 about effect of bad air on flames, and also report of random shooting on the way to a cave.

51 spring 1001 45. Reports that Atti e Memorie 27 (1988) and Progressione 20 report on March-April 1988 Italian trip to Mexico.

57 fall 1992 38. Reports that Sous Terre 6(4) and 7(3) contain Mexpé reports on Sierra Nega, Puebla, as does Canadian Caver 22(2). Also Canadian Caver 23(1) has articles on Chorreadero, Chiapas, and Cheve, Oaxaca.

58 winter 1992 36. Reviews contents of Subterraneo 8, AMCS Activities Newsletter 18, Mundos Subterraneos (UMAE) 1 and 2, and program for first Congreso Nacional de Espeleológica.

59 spring 1993 35. Reports that Regards 9 (1991) reports on 1988,89 GSAB expeditions to Mexico.

59 spring 1993 36. Reports Rocky Mountain Caving 9(1) 1992 contains article on Cheve, Oaxaca.

62 winter 1993 14-18. Article my Tim Allen on British caving in Cuetzalan, Puebla.

62 winter 193 22. Summary of Cuetzalan talk by Johnathan Sims at National Caving Conference 1993.

65 fall 1994 9-10. Article on cave diving in Quintana Roo by Martin Wright.

66 winter 1994 37. Review of contents of Subterraneo 9.

86 winter 1999 10. Mention that expedition Yucatan 2000 by Martyn Farr recommended for Sports Council funding.

87 spring/summer 2000 57. Review of contents Mundos Subterráneos 10.

88 fall 2000 24. Mention that Jon Sims gave another talk on Cuetzalan at Hidden Earth 00.

92 2002 22. Short summaries of talks at Hidden Earth 2001: Chris Densham on Sierra Negra and Sam Smith on Yucatan diving.

Caving International Magazine. Canada. numbers 1-3 1978-1979, 8  1980. Box 24. Mexico (NOT copied for AMCS archive):

1 p 27. Short article on House Cave, near San Andes, Oaxaca.

1 p 30. News notes: Mexican caves over 500 m deep; connection of Brinco and Infiernillo; anticipated connection between La Grieta and Agua de Carrizo; diving in Río Sabinas resurgence; Cuetzalan area (Chichicazapa-Atichayan and Ateplehuit).

1 p 32-33. Review of AMCS Activities Newsletter 8.

2 p 13-17. Interview with Peter Lord about Cuetzalan, Puebla.

2 p 18-20, 25-26. Article on Sima Zoquiapan, Cuetzalan.

2 p 39. Notes: Chris Kerr accident in Brinco; start of expedition to dive sump in San Agustín, Cuetzalan area, French expedition to Chilpancingo area, Guerrero.

3 p 26-27. Reprint of Stephens's report on cave at Bolonchen in the Yucatan.

3 p 31. Note about nasty passage at bottom of Sótano de Trinidad, near Xilitla.

3 p 40-41. Notes: San Agustin expedition and Anthodite Hall find; update on Cuetzalan area; dive in Cruz Pilal resurgence (of Sumidero Yochib); Purificación update.

8 p 4-6. Article on connection of Li Nita and S. de San Agustín, Oaxaca.

8 p 17-21. Article on Atepolihuit de Nauzontla, Cuetzalan area, Puebla, with nice map.

8 p 38-40. Article on diving underwater cave below Maya ruins at Xcaret, Quintana Roo.

8 p 51. Review of Mike Boon's "The Great San Agustín Rescue."

Club de Exploraciones de México. [little magazine apparently untitled and unnumbered] Nov/Dec 1974/Jan 1975, May/June/July 1976, Aug/Sep/Oct 1976, Feb/Mar/Apr 1977, May/June/July 1977, Nov/Dec/Jan 1978, Feb/Mar/Apr 1979. In Spanish. Box 27. Consists of schedules of coming guided excursions; caves (NOT copied for AMCS archives):

Nov 1974, p. 20-21. note about Sótano de las Golondrinas.

Nov 1974, p. 34. Notice of excursion to Grutas de Tonaltongo.

Nov 1974, p. 70. Notice of excursion to Grutas de Tlalintecuine.

Nov 1974, p. 108-109. Notice of excursion to Grutas de Juxtlahuaca.

Nov 1974, p. 115. Notice of excursion to Grutas de Cacahuamilpa.

May 1975 p 56-57. Notice of excursion to "grutas" of Cerro Tecuache.

Aug 1976 p32. Notice of excursion to Cueva de los Lobos de la Cañada Occidental de San Miguel.

May 1977 p 42. Notice of excursion to Cueva de los Lobos.

May 1977 p 58. Notice of excursion to Grutas de Yehuali.

Nov 1977 p 32. Notice of excursion to Grutas deTolantongo.

Feb 1979 p 43. Notice of excursion to C. del Río San Jeronimo.

Feb 1979 p 74. Notice of excursion to Cuevas del Cerro Cabezas.

Feb 1979 p 76. Notice of excursion to Grutas de la Estrella y Balneario Tonatico.

Current Titles in Speleology International. UK. 1979. Box 3.

Death Coral Caver. Proyecto Espeleológico Purificación, Austin, Texas. Numbers 1-13 1991-2003. Box 36.

Endins. Comité Balear d'Espeleologia, Mallorca. numbers 3, 5-11, 13-15 1976-1989. In Catalan or Spanish (some English, French). Box 19. No Mexico.

Espeleòleg. Equip de Recerques Espeleològiques, Centre Excursionista de Catalunya, Barcelona. Numbers 20-22, 25-27, 29-33, 36-39 1974-1991, 42-45 2001-2008. In Catalan. Box 23. Mexico (all copied for AMCS archives):

22 p 155. List of contents of Association for Mexican Cave Studies Newsletter vol 5 no 1.

29 p 622. Note on new Vapor entrance to Purificación, new length of San Agustín, potential connection between La Grieta and Agua Lecarrizo, Oaxaca, citing British Caver.

30 p 692. Note on Franceses entrance to Purificación, Tamp., and list of deep caves in Huautla, Oax., area. No source stated.

31 p 54-55. Trip report, with  members of Grupo Espeleológico Mexicano, to Golondrinas, Purificación, Cachuamilpa and Dos Bocas.

31 p 56. Note that San Agustín has passed 1000 meters depth, no source cited.

33 p 182. Notes:  French expedition, including Sótano Tomasa Kiahua and Sumidero de Tzintempa; GSAB expedition 1981 (Guauguas, Golondrinas, San Agustín, Río Iglesia, Cuetzalan area, Puebla).

36 p 56. Note on Huautla area work (Nita Nanta, Nita Sa, Sistema Huautla) and exploration of Cueva de la Peña Colorada.

37 p 51. Many notes: Italian expedition Malpaso 1984; British expedition to Xilitla Plateau; Belgian expedition to Puebla (Aztotempa, Oztopulco, etc.); La Grieta-Huautla connection; Australian work (Nita Xonga, Guixani Guinjao, Sonyance).

38 p 66. Note about Sheck Exley dive in Nacimiento del Río Mante, April 22, 1987.

39 p 51. Notes: 1989 progress at Cheve and C. de la Mano, Oaxaca; 1990 GSAB (Belgian) trip to Akemati, Akemabis; Swiss work in Cerro Rabón (Kijahe Xontjoa).

45 p 35. Note on connection between Nohoch Nah Chich and Sac Actun, Quintana Roo.

Espeleologia. Sociedade Excursionista e Espeleológica, Ouro Preta, Brasil. numbers 8 1997 10 1999 13 2011. In Portuguese. Box 28. No Mexico.

Espeleotemas. Revista de Espeleología of the Espeleo-Club "Almería", Spain. 2(2) 1992.  In Spanish. Box 26. No Mexico.

Espeleo-Tema. Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleología, Brazil. Number 14 1984. In Portugese. No Mexico. Box 5.

Euryale. Boletín de Estudios Espeleológicos, Sociedad de Ciencias Espeleológicas Alfonso Antxia (Alfonso Antxia Espeleologi Zientzien Elkartea), Bilbao, Spain. Number 1 2006. In Spanish, English, or Basque. Box 26. No Mexico.

Exploracions. Espeleo Club de Gràcia, Barcelona. Numbers 4-8 1980-1984. In Spanish or Catalan. No Mexico. Box 18.

Folleto Informativo. Asociación Base Draco, Mexico DF. Number 1-2 1986-1988. Box 39.

Der Fränkische Höhlenspiegel. Forschungsgruppe Höhle und Karst Franken. Nürnberg, Germany. Number 33 1990. In German. No Mexico. Box 1.

Gours: Boletín Informativo del Grupo Espeleológico de la Sección Excursionista del Fomento Martinense (or Bulletí d'Informació del Grup d'Espeleologia del Foment Martinenc). Barcelona, Spain. Numbers 3-9 1977-1982. In Spanish, plus some Catalan in 8,9. No Mexico. Box 2.

El Guacharo. Sociedad Venezolana de Espeleología, Caracas. numbers 20, 21 1981. In Spanish. Box 19. No Mexico.

Die Höhle, Zeitschrift für Karst- und Höhlenkunde. Verbandes österreichisher Höhlenforscher, Vienna, and Verbandes der Deutschen Höhlen- und Karst Forscher, Munich. 11(3) 1960, 25(3,4) 1974, 27(1-3) 1976, 28(4) 1977, 29(1)-37(4) 1978-1986, 39(1)-45(4) 1988-1994, 46(3,4) 1995, 47(1,3,4) 1996, 49(1)-51(2) 1998-2000. (Vol 25 no. 3/4 is book-length festschrift for Hubert Trimmel.) Boxes 7, 8. Mexico (all have been copied for AMCS archives):

29(2)68 1978. Note on La Grieta and Agua de Carrizo, Oaxaca, from NSS News 36(4).

29(2)69 1978. Archaeological note on Loltun, Yucatán, from Ethologia Americana 14.

29(3)96 1978. Somewhat longer note on speleo research in Yucatan Peninsula.

29(4)136  1978. Note on connection between Brinco and Infiernillo, Tamaulipas, from Spéalp #3.

30(3)79 1979. Note on visit to Sistema Purificación, Tamaulipas, from Grottes et Gouffres 72.

32(2)48 1981 -- note on connection between San Agustín and Li Nita, Oaxaca, to form Sistema Huautla.

42(2)51 1991. Note on Sistema Cuicateco (= Cheve) becoming deepest cave in Mexico, from GEO2 18(2).

42(3)79 1991. Announcement of first UMAE National Congress of Speleology in Mexico (1991).

42(4)119-120  1991. Note on exploration of Kihaje Xontjoa, Oaxaca to -1150 meters.

44(1)23  1993. Note on Sistema Cheve, Oaxaca, based on NSS News January 1993.

47(2)65 1996. Announcement of third UMAE National Congessof Speleology in Mexico (1996).

Grup d'Exploracions Subterrànies del Club Muntanyenc de Terrassa Butlletí. Number 3 1982. Barcelona. In Catalan. Box 26. No Mexico.

InsidEarth. Allshwil, Switzerland. 6(1-4) 2000. In German, English, or French. Box 28. Mexico (copied for archives): 6(1-4)12. Review (in German) of Río La Venta book.

International Caver Magazine. England. number 3 1992. Box 24. No Mexico.

Ipogea: Revista di Carsismo e Speleologia. Gruppo Speleologico San Giusto, Trieste, Italy. vol 2 1998. In Italian or English. Box 26. No Mexico.

Jumar. Revista de la Seccion de Espeleologica Ingenieros Industriales, Universidad Politechnic de Madrid. Numbrs 2-7 1978-1986. In Spanish. No Mexico. Box 16. 

Kobie. Grupo Espeleológico Vizcaino de la Disputación Foral del Señorío de Vizcaya, Bibao, Spain. Numbers 8-13 1978-1983, 16 1987. Mostly Spanish. No Mexico. (Not much caves, in fact. Lots of archaeology and ethnology.) Boxes 57, 58.

Kur. La Venta Esplorazioni Geografiche, Italy. Numbers 1-20 2003-2013; most issues accompanied by a separate supplement. Full text in Italian and English, 1-20; English 20. Number 1 is b&w printout from PDF; number 18 is color printout. Box 46. Archive disk D195 contains PDFs of numbers 1-11, disk D345 contains 1-15, and D419 contains 16-20. Mexico: these have NOT been copied for AMCS archives (except where maybe used in preparation of Activities Newsletters):

1 p 4. note about Chiapas 2003 expedition

1 p 7-12. article summarizing past La Venta projects, including Mexico

1 p 16-24. article on Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila

1 p 26-31. article on Juquila Canyon, Oaxaca

1 suppl. The Cuatro Ciénegas 200 Project; The Juquila Canyon

2 p 1. Photo of Cueva La Sangre, near Cuatro Ciénegas.

2 p 4. Canyoning in Durango; seeking caves in Juquila Canyon, Oaxaca.

2 p 6-13. Article summarizing history of La Venta explorations, including Mexico.

2 p 16-23. Article on archaeological sites and caves in vicinity of Río La Venta, Chiapas.

2 suppl. Article on archaeological researches around Río La Venta, Chiapas.

3 p 3. Photo of cliff dwellings in canyon in Durango.

3 p 4-5. Description of videos by La Venta group, including Mexico.

3 p 16-23. Article on canyons of Durango.

6 fr cover and p 1. Photos of Cave of the Crystals, Naica.

6 p 4. Note on Juquila Canyon project, Oaxaca, 2006.

6 p 18. Photo of rappel to reach cave in Chiapas.

6 p 23. Photo of Cave of the Crystals.

6 p 26-31. Article on Cave of the Crystals, Naica, Chihuahua.

7 fr cover. Photo of cave pearls in mine near Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila.

7 p 2. Photo of Cueva Dos Ojos, Juquila Canyon.

7 p 3. Photo of Juquila Canyon descent.

7 p 4. Note on 2006 work in Cave of the Crystals, Naica.

7 p 5. Note on 2006 work in canyons of Durango.

7 p 6-13. Article on Juquila Canyon, Oaxaca.

7 suppl. Article on caves of the Juquila Canyon, Mexico.

8 p. 5. Note on 2007 work in Cave of the Crystals, Naica.

8 suppl. A Synthesis on the Knowledge of the Karst Phenomenon of the Juquila Canyon, Oaxaca, Mexico—second part.

9 p. 5. Note about buying land to expand preserve at Selva Ocate, Chiapas.

10 p. 5. Note about return to Ombligo del Mundo, Chiapas.

10 pp. 5-13. article about 2007 return to Juquila Canyon, Oaxaca.

10 pp. 16-23. article about Cave of the Crystals, Naica, Chihuahua.

10 p. 24, organization chart of the science team at Naica.

11 p. 4. note about new book Crystal Giants of the Caves of Naica.

11 pp. 4-5. note about premier TV presentation of National Geographic video on Naica.

11 pp. 6-15. article on through-trip, Cueva de La Venta, Chiapas.

11 pp. 24-29. article on the canyons of Durango.

11 suppl. article about the through-trip route, Cueva de La Venta, Chiapas.

12 p. 5. note on visit to Río La Venta area in 2009.

12 pp.18–25. article on Cave of the Crystals, Naica, Chihuahua.

12 pp. 28-35. article on return visit to Ombligo del Mundo, Chiapas.

13 pp 24-31. article about caves in Mesoamerican mythology and culture.

13 suppl. article on histoplasmosis and caving

15 p 1. photo of top of El Hundido, Chihuahua.

15 pp 7-13. article on Chihuahua, including visit to El Hundido pit

15 pp. 14-15. report on visit to Río La Venta area (Selva Ocote), including Ombligo del Mundo, Chiapas

15 pp 17-23. article on Selva Ocote area, Chiapas

16 pp 10-13. Article "What Future for Naica?: by José Maria Calaforra. Chihuahua.

16 18-21. article The Mysteries of Cuatro Ciénegas, by Sergio Avilés. Coahuila.

16 23-25 article La Venta, A Pertinent Association, by Thomas Whiting. Chiapas.

16 26-32 article Juquila 2002, a Tranquil Week of Fear, by Tullio Bernabei. Oaxaca.

18 27-31 article The Forest's Veins: When an Exploratative Advanture Turns into a Community Project, by Francesco Sauro. Chiapas

19 16-23 article At the Borders of Cochimí: A Forgotten Rock Art, by Carlos Lazcano. Baja California Sur

19 24-30 article The Gamble of Río Secreto, by Tullio Bernabei. Quintana Roo

19 31 photo of Loltún, Yucatán

20 6-10 article Chiapas 2013: In the Rivers of the Night, by Carla Corongiu.

20 11-12 article The Selva is Something Else: Selva 2013 Expedition, by Francesco Le Mastro. Chiapas

20 13 Article Centro de Estudios Kársticos La Venta, by Tullio Bernabei. Chiapas

Leize Kobaue. GaztetxekoEspeleologi Taldea. Bizkaiko Furo Aldundia and Diputación Forla de Bizkaia, Bilbao, Spain. number 7? 2002. In Spanish. Box 28. No Mexico.

Mitteilunger des Verbandes der Deutschen Höhlen- und Karstforscher München. Munich, Germany. 27(1,4) 1981, 28(1,3,4) 1982. In German. No Mexico. Box 5.

Mondo Sotterraneo. Circolo Speleologico e Idrologico Friulano, Udine, Italy.  1968/69, 1970, 1972/73, 1974/75, new series 3(2) 1979, 4(1), 5 (1,2) 1981. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 4.

Mundos Subterráneos. Unión Mexicana de Agrupaciones Espeleológicas. Numbers 1-23 1993-2012. Numbers 2, 3 are printouts from scans in PDF file. Numbers 5 8, and 9 are bound printouts from PDF from web. Numbers 18-23 are bound printouts from web, with selected pages in color. (Issue 20 incomplete.) PDF files are on disks 293, 296, 321. In Spanish. Boxes 29 and 47.

New Zealand Speleological Bulletin. New Zealand Spelelogical Society. vol 5 numbers 88-93, Dec 1973- Dec 1974. No Mexico. Box 6.

Notiziario. Associazione Speleologica Romana, Speleo Club Roma, Gruppo Speleologico CAI-Roma; Italy. Number 2 (April 1979), number 3 (April 1979-June 1980). In Italian. No Mexico. Box 2.

Notiziario ai Soci. Gruppo Speleologico Fiorentino, Italy. 18 1986 through 20 1991, 22 1993, 23 1994. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 4.

Notiziario della Speleo Club Chieti. Chieti, Italy. 1986, 1990. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 1.

Nuova Speleologia. Associazione Speleologica Romana, Italy. Numbers 4/5 1975, 8, 9 1976. In Italian (number 9 English). No Mexico. Box 1.

Ol Büs. Speleo Club Orobico, Bergamo, Italy. Numbers 2-5 1977-1980/81. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 5.

Oztotl. Grupo de Investigación Espeleológica, Comisión Nacional de Espeleología; Federación Mexicana de Excursionismo, Confederación Deportiva Mexicana. DF. 1(1) 1974. In Spanish. Box 27.

Proceedings University of Brisol Spelæological Society. United Kingdom. 14(1,3), 15(1,2), 16(1,2,3), 17(1), 18(2,3), 19(1,2), 20(2,3), 21, 22, 23(1)  1975-2003; 25(2,3), 26(,2,3) 2011-2015. No Mexico. Boxes 54, 55, 70.

Progressione. Attività e reflessione della Commissione Grotte Eugenio Boegan, supplemento semestrale ad "Atti e Memorie." Trieste, Italy. Numbers 17-23, 25-49, 51 1987-2004. In Italian. Boxes 42, 43. Mexico (have all been copied for AMCS archives):

20 22-30 1988. Article on Oztotempa vicinity trip, Guerrero, Messico 88.

21 59-60 1989. Index of caves in Mexico mentioned in numbers 1-20.

22 56 1989. Mentions exploration of Cueva Cheve, Oaxaca, citing AMCS Act. Nl. 17.

31 43-50 1994. Article on Río La Venta canyon and caves in that vicinity, Chiapas.

33 27-28 1995. Short article on Cueva de la Venta, Chiapas.

35 36-37 1996. Short article on diving in Quintana Roo.

36 36-53 1997. Articles on Messico 1997 expediton to Yucatán and Quintana Roo cenotes.

39 39-53 1998. Articles on Messico 1998 expedition to Yucatán and Quintana Roo.

40 76-77 1999. Index to Mexican caves mentioned in numbers 21-39.

45 64-68 2001. Article on expedition to Chilpancingo, Chiapas, area.

Quaderni del Museo di Speleologia "V. Rivera." L'Aquila, Italy. Number 5-6 (year 3) 1977, number 7-8 (year 4) 1978. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 1.

Recull de Treballs Espeleològics Secció d'Investigacions Subterrànies. Centre Excursionista de Terrassa, Sant Pere, Spain. Numbers 6 1978, 8–11 1981–1988. [This is the same publication, although numbered and paged separately, as Arxiu del Centre Excursionista de Terrassa.] In Catalan. Box 14. No Mexico.

Reflektor: Zeitschrift für Höhlenforschung. Switzerland. number 2 1980. In German. No Mexico. Box 1.

Regards. Société Spéléologique de Wallonie, Belgium. Incorporates subset of issues of Spéléo Info, Union Belge de Spéléologie, bound in but separately paged and numbered. 1, 3, 5-34, 37-41, 43-48, 50-77 1987-2012. In French. Boxes 12a, 12b, 13. Mexico (all copied for AMCS archives):

1 1987 27. Notes: Discoveries around Zongolica, Puebla, citing NSS News 44(6); Infiernillo, Tamps. and Huautla, Oax., citing NSS News 44(5), San Miguel in Querrero, citing Spelunka 1985 20.

5 1989 32-33. Note on Quebec 87-88 and 88-89 expeditions to Sierra Negra, citing Sous Terre July 88 and March 89 and Canadian Caver 1988 2; note on GSAB expedition to Oztopulco area, Puebla, citing UBS Info 1989 42;  note on Australian work in Zongolica, Oaxaca, 1987, citing Sous Terre Nov. 1988; note on Exley dive in Mante April 1988, citing Sous Terre Nov 1988.

7 1990 28-29. Notes: Note on Cheve area (Puente Natural, Viento Frio), citing NSS News June 1990; GSAB 1990 trip (Akemati, Akemasup), citing Roc Sight Magazine, R. Grebeude; announcement about Gerald Moni's Mexican cave database, citing Caves and Caving 1990 46.

8 1990 18-23. Article Riviere Sous la Jungle, map of Yochib ha Shumula, Tumbala, Chiapas.

9 1991 41-49 plus 4 large, loose maps. GSAB 1988 expedition article, with maps of Akemati, Ocotempa, H32-H35.

9 1991 50-52. Article on GSAB Oztopulco 1989 expedition, with line plot of Atlixicaya.

14 1993 v (insert section). Note on SMES work in Cuetzalan, Puebla, by J.-C. London; note on Cheve, Oaxaca, citing International Caver 7 1993.

16 1994 x (insert section). Note on Swiss-American expedition to Cerro Rabon, citing Cavernes 1 1993.

21 1995 21-22. Notes: New depth of Sistema Huautla, Oaxaca, citing International Caver 12 1995; Kijahe Xontjoa, Oaxaca, citing International Caver 14 1995; Cheve depth potential, citing Descent 125 1995; problems with bandits in Chiapas, citing Descent 125 1995.

23 1996 1-5. Article on visit to Sótano de El Barro.

24 1996 26. Note on visit by French cave divers to Yucatan, citing Sifon 1996.

26 1996 26. Note on Australian's work in Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, citing Descent 132.

28 1997 40. summary of GSAB Mexique 97 expedition to Puebla.

29 1997 25-27. Article on bibliographic references to countries in Latin America and Caribbean, with tables of totals (Mexico highest)

31 1998 34. Note on progress around Arroyo Grande, Chiapas, citing Descent 140.

33 1998 36. Note on Dos Aguas, Michoacán, area, citing Descent 141. Also note on French diving expedition to Yucatan, citing Sifon 32.

37 1999 36. Note on Cueva del Tecolote, Tamaulipas, diving Descent 151.

39 2000 39. Summary of another Christian Thomas (French) cave-diving trip to Yucatan. Note on Cueva Charco reaching -1000, citing NSS NEws 58(6). Note on pollution in Cenotes Carwash, Vaca Ha, and Toucha Ha, Quintana Roo. Note on need for protection of lava tubes in D. F.

40 2001 Speleo Info 147 p 3. Note that Georges Feller and Richard Grebeude gave talk on Mexico at first Rendez-vous de l'Explo in 2001.

43 2002 21. Longish note on 2002 French cave diving expedition to Yucatan.

45 2002 16. Review of Río La Venta book.

45 2002 19. Note by Richard Gerbeude about GSAB caves in Puebla.

48 2003 Speleo Info 161 9-10. Short articles on GSAB 2003 and Spéléo Belge  2003 expeditions to Sierra Nega, Pueble.

50 contains an index to numbers 1-49.

50 2003 30. Note on Sistema Cheve, Oaxaca, by Gustavo Vela

53 2004 22. Note that S. Delaby gave talk on Mexique 2003 (GSAB) at third Rendez-vous de l'Explo.

54 2004 22. Note on French cave-diving 2004 trip to Yucatan.

60 2005 17. Note on Frech cave-diving 2005 trip to Yucatan, citing Lettre de Spéléo-Club de Paris 233.

60 2005 19-20. Article on Expé Spéléo Belge 2005 (GSAB) to Puebla by Richard Grebeude.

64 2006 20-21. Article by Richard Grebeude on Expé Mexique 2006 (GSAB) to Puebla.

66 2007 14-17 Article by Richard Grebeude on Mexique 2007, including description of TZ62, Cueva de la Promesa.

69 2008 5 (insert section). Mention that Ecokarst (Commission de Protection des Sites Spéléologiques) #67, 2007, contains article on longest underwater caves in the world in Yucatan. Also mention that the bulletin of the Société Spéléologique de Namur 2005 contains article on 2002 expedition to Mexico.

69 2008 44-55. Article on L'expé GSAB - Mexique 2008.

70 2009 49-51. Article on GSAB 2009.

71 2009 21-28. Article by Richard Grebeude on explorations by others in the Belgians' area of Puebla, 2007-2009 (Akemati, Akemabis, Sistema Nogochl).

73 2010 24-26. article Expé Mexique 2010: Trentième Anniversaire, by Richard Grebeude. Tepetzala, Puebla.

73 2010 27-28. article Tzontzé 2010 (Mexique) by David Gueulette et al. (Puebla)

74 2011 22. news note by Richard Grebeude about long-cave developments in Quintana Roo, especially the January 2011 Sac Actun connection.

75 2011 24. Note that Sistema Ox Bel Ha has been connected to Sistema Naranjal, source Steve Bogaerts and Bil Phillips. Quintana Roo.

76 2011 9-12. Article Expé GSAB Mexique 2011—un grand cru, by Richard Grebeude. Tepetzala area, Puebla.

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5(3). Complete issue of articles on Mexpé 88 expedition.

6(4). Complete issue of articles on Mexpé 88 expedition, phase 2 *

8(2)*. Complete issue of articles on Mexp´IV expedition 1990.

8(3)11-12*. Article  on Mexpé V (? cover says IV); obituary for Rolf Adams.

8(4)6-7. Article in English on caving in the Sierra Negra, Puebla.

8(4)14-15. Article in English on cave  biology in the Sierra Negra.

8(4)18-19, 29. Article in English on speleogenesis in the Sierra Negra.

9(3)5. Note about Mexpé VI.

9(4)7-11,15*. Articles on  Franco-Québécoise expedtion to Mexico.

14(2)9-12. Article on trip to Mexico to Golondrinas, Guaguas, and El Sótano del Barro.

15(1)4-13. Article on the rescue during Mexpé 2000 in Sierra Negra, Puebla.

16(2)27. Note about Mexpé 2002.

17(1)9-12. article on Mexpé 2002.

17(1)13,20. article about Mexpeleo 2002.

17(1)14-15. center spread map of Gimnástica Selvática, Tepepa, Coyomeapan, Puebla.

17(1)16-17,19. another article on Mexpé 2002.

17(1)18-19. article on discovery of TP-6-21, 2003.

19(1)4-15, covers. Articles and photos from Mexpé 2005.

20(2). Special issue of articles on Mexpé 2006.

21(1)9-11. Article on Mexpé 2007.

21(1)19-21. Article on surveying and drafting Las Brumas, Puebla, with map.

21(1)24. Report on La Ciudad during Mexpé 2007.

22(1)4-9. Article on Mexpé 2008, with map of TP5-07-11, Puebla, on centerfold.

22(1)10-14. Article on exploration of Tres Quimeras, Puebla, Mexpé 2009, with large map inside back cover.

22(1)15,18. Article on makes a film of the Sierra Negra project, Puebla.

23(1)3-7. Article on Mexpé 2011, Puebla

23(1)14-15. Centerfold map of Cueva Cañón S, Puebla

24(1) 5-11. article Mexpé 2013: Haut plateau de Tequixtepec (Puebla)

Sous Terre Express. Société québécoise de spéléologie, Canada. Vol 10(1,5) 2001, vol 13(2,5) 2004. In French. Box 25. Mexico (have been copied for AMCS archives):

10(1) p 4. Announcement of lecture on Iztaxochitla, Mexico.

13(2) p 2. Plea for letters to Mexican consulate re need for research visas for caving.

13(5) p 2. Mention of articles on Villa Luz and Bill Stone in Wired, December 2004.

South Wales Caving Club Newsletter. Number 91 1979. Box 28. No Mexico.

Spealp. Groupe Spéléo Alpin Belge, Belgium (with other groups). Numbers 1-3 no date to October 1978. In French. Mexico: "Mexique, Prelude pour un -1000" by  E. Degrave, in number 3 pp 30-31 (has been copied for AMCS archives). Box 5.

Speleo. Speleo Club Firenze, Italy. (3) 1979, (9, 10) 1983, (11) 1984. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 1.

Speleo'. Biuletyn Informacyjny. Krakow, Poland. numbers 1,2 ? 1979-80. In Polish. Box 15. Mexico (have been copied for AMCS archives):

#1. Several notes about Mexico, including summary of 1977 French expedition, citing Grottes et Gouffres #68.

#2. Note about rescue in Brinco, based on material in AMCS Activities Newsletter 9.

Spéléo Flash. Federation Speleogique de Belge. numbers 126, 128*, 137, 138, 139*, 140-146, 148 1981-1985 *center notes section only. In French or Dutch. Box 15. Mexico (have been copied for AMCS archives):

 126 p 10-14. Article on Mexico 80 expedition to Cuetzalan, which also participated in the San Agustín rescue of Polish caver.

126 p 14-15. Article on Mexico 81 expedition: Guaguas, Golondrinas, survey in Atipolihuit (Cuetzalan, Puebla), Li Nita-San Agustín traverse.

128 p 2. Notes: Announcement of coming 1982 GSAB trip to Mexico; summary of 1981 Huautla AMCS expedition.

137 p 17. Note on SMES, UNAM caving in Mexico, citing Grottes et Grouffres 86.

140 p.3-12. Article on Mexicque 83.

144 p 17. Note on Frence expedition to Zongolica (Cuetzaloztotl, Atikpak, etc., citing Spelunka 13 (1983).

148 4-26, 32-56 articles on Mexican Project 85.

148 28 notes about progress in Huautla area, Oaxaca, citing NSS News 1985, no. 8

Speleo Info. Union Belge de Spélélogie. 2013 no. 1. Box 13. For issues inserted in Regards, see Regards.

2013 #1 p. 5. Mention of Tzontze project in Sierra Negra, Puebla, in resume of 2012 explorations.

Speleo Nederland/Pierk. Vol 1 nos 1,2,3 1986, vol 6 no 3 Sep 1991. In Dutch. Box 19. Mexico (has been copied for AMCS archives):

1(1)14-21. Article Mexico 1985: British Speleological Expedition to Mexico (English summary p. 47).

6(3)8-12. Article on reconnaissance expedition to Guatemala and southern Mexico (Comalapa, Chiapas, area).

SpeleoCAI. Club Alpino Italiano. 5 1991, 6,7 1992, 8, 11 1993, 13 and 13 suppl 1994. In Italian. No Mexico. Box 2.

Speleofórum. Czech Speleological Society. Numbers 25-34 2006-2015. In Czech with English summaries. Box 44. Mexico (copied for AMCS archives):

25 pp 44-45 plus color plate. Xibalba 2005—New discoveries in Yucatan.

26 pp 34-38, color plates. Xibalba 2006—Nearly 10 Kilometers of New Discoveries.

27 pp 57-59, color plate. Xibalba 2007—The Discovery of the 7th Longest Underwater Cave in the World.

28 60-62. Xibalba 2008—The Discovery of the Skeleton of a New Animal Species.

29 59-63, color plate. Following the Footsteps of Mastodon, Tux Kupaxa, Quintana Roo.

29 64-66, color plate. Expedition J2 2009 in Mexico. Oaxaca.

30 50-52. XIBALBA 2010: The K'oox Baal Cave System is 30 km long.

31 63-65, color plate. Xibalba 2011—K'oox Baal is the 4th Longest Underwater Cave System in the World.

32 57-59, color plates. Xibalba 2012—K'oox Baal is More Than 70 km Long!

34 50-52,109-110. Xibalba 2014—New Challenges.

Speleologia. Società Speleologica Italiana. Numbers 2 1979, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 43-72 1997-2015. In Italian. Lots of Mexico material, NOT copied for archive. NOTE: PDF files of all issues 1-65,68 are on disk D470. Mexico items from issues not held in paper have been printed for paper archives and are in folders 0602 and 0603.

2 p 62. Note on connection of Purificación system, citing Spelunca; note on San Agustín, Agua Lecarrizo, and La Grieta in Oaxaca, citing NSS News.

35 p 65-72, large loose map. Article Un Sogno Chiamato Río La Venta.

36 p 127-28. Long summary of Mexico activities: Proposed Internet Revista Mexpeleo, Sonconga new -1000, expedition to Flor Batavia, Oax., Purificación area, Quintana Roo, 1997 Dos Aguas expedition.

37 p 69-71. Article on La Venta work in Chiapas: Selva El Ocote and Pueblo Nuevo.

39. Index to 1979-1998. Mexico on page 23.

40 p 118. Note on 1998 La Venta expedition, citing Grotte (of G. S. Piemontese) number 126.

43 p 89. Note on Italian trips to Mexico (Comitan area, Chiapas, Teziu Han and Hueytamalco areas, Puebla, citing Il Nottolario (G. S. Bergamasco) 10.

43 p 91. Note on underwater caves in Yucatan Peninsula, citing Rivista C.A.I. 2000.

44 p 91. Long note (almost a page) on expedition to Cerro Blanco area, Chiapas, in 2001.

45 p 15. Note on proposed catalog of caves of Mexico by Laura Rosales.

46 p 50-65. Major article on Cuatro Ciénegas area, Coahuila, by La Venta group.

47 p 87. Long note sumarizing Tlaloc 2002 Italian expedition to Puebla and Veracruz.

49 p 62-73. Article on Tlaloc 2003 Italian/Mexican expedition to Puebla and Veracruz. (Appears to be same trip that was called Tlaloc 2002 in numer 47.)

50 p 9. Announcement of forthcoming VII Mexican national congress of speleology, Monterrey, 2005.

50 p 54-57. Article on giant crystals, including Cave of the Crystals, Naica, Chihuahua.

50 p 86. Long note on Volcán de los Murciélogos, Campeche.

51 p 46-57. Article on Juquila Canyon, Puebla/Oaxaca, by the La Venta group.

51 p 74-75. Note on Italian/Croatian/Mexico trip to Chiapas in 2005, mainly Rio La Venta and Selva Ocote area.

51 p 84. Review of Italian edition of La Venta's Cuatro Ciénegas book.

53 p 73-74. Another note on Tlaloc 2003, citing Il Nottolario (G. S. Beramasco) 12, 2005.

54 p 1. Note on La Venta and "Speleo Research and Film" collaboration in Cave of the Crystals, Naica, Chihuahua.

55 p 64-72. Article on Cave of the Crystals, by La Venta group.

57 p 72. Note on Italian groups work in Chiapas, reviewing Notizario del Circolo Speleologico Romano no. 16-19.

58 p 78-79. Note on Tlaloc 2008 Italian/Mexican expedition to Puebla and Chiapas.

60 p. 85. Short description of La Venta group's Chiapas 2009 trip.

60 p. 89. Short mention of trip to Puebla, citing Il Nottolario 13.

63 p. 54-57. L'esplorazione della rotta Palacios nella miniera di Naica. (English abstract on page 88.)

63 p. 79-80. Short article about Tlaloc 2010 expedition.

64 p. 72. Note about 2010 visit to El Hundido, Chihuahua, by La Venta members.

64 p. 44-49. Article about Cueva del Puercoespin and Sumidero Higo, Chiapas. English abstract p. 80.

65 p. 86-87. Short summary of April 2011 trip to Chiapas by La Venta group.

67 pp 13,14. underwater cave photos from Dos Ojos and Nohoch Nah Chich, Quintana Roo

67 p. 76-77. note about new exploration in Sumidero del Higo in 2012 (Chiapas)

67 p. 77. note about research in Río La Venta area, Chiapas, 2012

68 p. 96-98. Interview in English with Tullio Bernabei about the the founding of the La Venta group in Italy.

69 p. 69-70. foreign news item, Selva 2013 La Venta expedition to the Selva Ocote, Chiapas.

69 p. 36-45. article Tlálok 2012: Il Sistema e le Ultime Giunzioni, Puebla.

72 p. 14. article Tlálok 2014, Puebla. English summary p. 87.

72 p.53-55. article Arbol de Navidad, the Symbol Rescued. Chiapas, English summary p. 88.

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Speleological Abstracts: Bulletin Bibliographique Spéléologique. Switzerland. Index 1970-74, 10-14 1974-1976, 16-20 1977-1981. Box 3.

Speleology: Bulletin of the British Cave Research Association. 1-19 2003-2013. Box 45. Mexico (all copied for AMCS archives):

2 2003 28. Review of Sótanos de México by Ricardo Arias.

2 2003 29. Mention that Jaskinie (Polish mag) 29 has article on tourist caves of Yucatan.

3 2003 25. mention that Jaskinie 31 (2003 number 2) contains an article on the 2003 Cueva Cheve expedition, Oaxaca

4 May 2004 16-17. Articles on Cuetzalan entrapment and rescue of British cavers.

4 May 2004 37. Mention of mistakes about Mexican caves in review of Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science.

6 April 2006 29. Announcement of coming vulcanaspeleology symposium in Mexico.

6 April 2006 32. Mention of article in Spelunka 98 (June 2005) about discovery of deep underwater caves in Yucatan peninsula.

6 April 2006 37. Good account, based on American Caving Accidents 2002-2003, of Africanized bees incident at Pozo de Gavilan; also note that NSS News Dec 2005 has article about Sótano de Culebra, Querétaro.

7 August 2006 9. mention that Pete Smart gave talk on flooded cave systems in Quintana Roo at BCRA 2006 Cave Science Symposium

7 August 2006 32-33. mentions that Jaskine 41 (2005 number 4) contains articles on Sótano de la Culebra, Queretaro, and 2005 J2 expedition, Oaxaca.

8 December 2006 31. Review of La Venta book on Cuatro Ciénegas, Coahuila, by Tony Oldham

9 April 2007 12-15. reprint of article on hydroleveling that appeared in AMCS Activities Newsletter 29.

10/11 2007 52-53. mentions the Jaskinie 46 (first issue 2007) has mention of Sac Actun connection (Quintana Roo) and article on expedition to Tres Amigos, Oaxaca.

14 2009 35. mentions that Jaskinie 52,(third quarter 2008) has arrticle on Akemabis 2008 expedition, Puebla.

16 December 2010 33. Book review of AMCS Activities Newsletter 32, by Nancy Pistole.

Speleon. Centre Excursionista de Catalunya (or Centro Excursionista de Cataluña), Barcelona, Spain. numbers 17-25 1970-1980. Mostly in Spanish with Calalan and/or English summaries, some articles in English or Catalan. No Mexico. Boxes 51, 52.

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1974(4)103-105. article Spélélogie au Mexique: Ou l'Approche d'un Autre Spélélogie, by Spéléo-Club de Paris

1975(2)40. Note on Mexican explorations: Al Ebra, Yochib, Otates, Sendero, Kaua, info from Peter Sprouse.

1976(1)25. Note on new Joya de las Conchas, -488m, info from Peter Sprouse.

1976(3)133. Note on Conchas -508 and Nogal -529, info from Peter Sprouse.

1977(2)85. Note on exploration by Grupo Espeleologico Mexicano of Sima del Borrego (Guerrero); no source stated.

1977(2)91. Notes on San Agustín, Cueva de Tornado, Diamante, info from Peter Sprouse.

1977(3)139. Notes on San Agustín, La Grieta, info from Peter Sprouse.

1978(1)42. Notes on La Grieta, Agua Lecarrizo, Diamante, Peña, Brinco, info from Peter Sprouse.

1978(2)91. Notes on Chichicasapan, Trinidad, Luz, Brinco, Infiernillo, info from Peter Sprouse.

1978(3)121. Note on Brinco-Infiernillo junction, Agua Lecarrizo, info from Peter Sprouse.

1978(4)180. Note on Purificación, Atepolehuit, Cuetzalan, Guaguas, info from Peter Sprouse.

1979(1)43. Review of AMCS bulletin 7, Caves of the San Juan Plateau.

1979(2)83. Note on Purificación, info from P. Courbon; note on Tilaco, info from J-P Combredet.

1980(1)2-5. article Sistem Purificación: Un Gruyére Mexicain, by Paul Courbon.

1980(3)140. Note on Belgian expedition to Cuetzalan, especially Chichicasapan; no source given.

1980(4)174. Notes: work in Guerrero by G. E. Mexicano (Guacamayas, Epazote, Diable, Tigre) and Veracruz (Atalaquia); through trip in Purificación. No sources stated.

1980(4)187. Long note on Huautla area (Li Nita, Nita He), info from Bill Stone; note on Oyamel,  info from Randy Rumer.

1 (1981) 48.  Review of Mexique 80 French expedition report, with useful summary of results.

4 (1981) 14. Notes on Huautla area and Trinidad, info from Peter Sprouse and P. Courbon; note on Li Nita-San Agustin connection, info from J-P Braun.

7 (1982) 11. Short note on Chichicasapan (17 km, -642), info from A. Gilbert.

8 (1982) 16. Note about visit to area of junction of Querétaro, Guanajuato, and San Luis Potosí.

9 (1983) 13-14. Notes on Mexico. This sheet has been partly cut out, and the item has not been photocopied because it is unreadable.

10 (1983) 19. Note on Sumidero Santa Elena, Puebla, citing NSS News 9/82; notes on Cueve de Acatlan, Cuetzalan, and Sumidero de Xocotla.

11 (1983) ix. Mention that Mexican expedition led by P. Ackerman for early 1983 received grant of 5000 francs.

13 (1984) 20-23. Notes of Mexico. These sheets have been partly cut out and the material is incomplete. Not photocopied.

14 (1984) 13. Notes on Mexico from P. Courbon: Huautla, Nita Sa, Nita Nashi, Purificación, Tomasa Kihua, citing AMCS Act. Nl. 13. Also notes on activieis of Mexican cavers by Darlos Lazcano: Ahuithuitzcapa, Atlpopolucan, Aserraderito, Los Lentiscos, Vizcaino, Capulin, Toxin, Venado, C. de la Joya, La Florida area.

16(1984) p 7. Many notes on Mexico by Carlos Lazcano and Helena Roussillo-Pettet: Toxín, El Puerticito, La Taza resurgence, Res. Pecho Blanco, Hoyo de San Miguel, and announcement of coming French trip hosted by Carlos Lazcano.

19 1985) 15.  A page of notes on Mexico: Italian expedition, including C de Manhuantla; Italian/Polish expedition to SLP, H. del Poleo, C. Negra, Cde Doña Casimira, S. de la Piedra Blanca; Dutch/British expedition, Vesthucoc; 1985 GSAB (Belgian) expedtion, Acotempa-Coyolopa, Oztopulco, Alcomunga; Italian/Mexican biospeleological expedtion Chiapas.

27 1987) 38-45. Article Expedition Chiapas 1986, Mexique.

29 (1988) 11-12. Note on 1987 Huautla expedition, citing NSS News Dec. 1987; announcement about new commission for cataloging Mexican caves.

31 (1988) 10. Note about 1985 GSAB expedition, Coyolatl, Ocotempa, info from G. Feller, with list of caves explored from UBS Info 28-30.

33 (1989) 9. Note on Exley dive to -238 m in Mante, citing NSS News 1988.

33 (1989) iv-v. Resume of FEALC conference in Brazil, with a brief notes on progress of speleology in Mexico (mostly foreign cavers, except for biology).

39 (1990) 46. Review of "Expe Sous Sierra" on 1987 Zongolica expedition.

41 (1991) 9. Note on Sac Actun, citing Terre Sauvage 45; note on Yochib-Ha Shumul-Ha, Chiapas, info from Richard Grebeude.

42 (1991) vii. Long note about Kijahe Xontjoa becoming 40th cave over 1000 meters deep, by Jacues Brasey and Patrick Deriaz.

43 (1991) 15. Mexico long and deep lists by Peter Sprouse; Note on C. Tecolote by Peter Sprouse. Note on 1989 Swiss/American expedition to Tabasco (Agua Blanca, Grote de las Manificas), citing Stalactite 1990(1).

46 (1992) 45. Review of Proyecto Cerro Rabon, Mexico, 1985-1989 .

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8(4)4-6. Report on trip to Cueva del Brinco.

8(4)7-8.  Report on trip to Sumidero de Oyamel in Purificación area.

8(4)8-9. Recon trip to various areas, including Orizaba, San Carlos.

8(4)10-12. Article on trip to Diamante, in Sierra de El Abra.

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