The AMCS Reprint Series contains reprints of books originally from other publishers that pertain to the caves of Mexico. Many are important works that have been out of print for many years.

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Reprint 1. Mexican Caving of the Southwest Texas Grotto 1996-1972. $20 or free PDF file.

Reprint 2. Proyecto Cerro Rabón, Mexico, 1985-1989. $9 or free PDF file.

Reprint 3. Proyecto Pápalo Expedition Report 1986-1989. $3 or free PDF file.

Reprint 4. Las Cavernas de Cerro Grande, Estados de Colima y Jalisco. free PDF file.

Reprint 5. Las Cavernas de la Sierra Gorda. Two vols. available as PDFs on disk, $3.

Reprint 6. Balankanche, Throne of the Tiger Priest. free PDF and .mp3 files.

Reprint 7. The Hill-Caves of Yucatan. $10

Reprint 8. The Cenotes of Yucatan. $15 REDUCED

Reprint 9. Fauna of the Caves of Yucatan. $15 REDUCED

Reprint 10. Cave Papers of Federico Bonet. $12

Reprint 11. Mexican Field Trip Guidebooks from the 15th ICS. $10

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