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Association for Mexican Cave Studies

Volumes 1 to 5
1965 to 1977

Front Cover

The Association for Mexican Cave Studies Newsletter, the predecessor publication to the current AMCS Activities Newsletter, was published regularly during 1965 and 1966 and then less often until 1977. The five volumes have been scanned and turned into searchable PDF files containing 885 pages plus 19 foldout-size maps. There are over 80 cave maps in all. In these volumes are many reports of important early Mexican caving, including the first caver visits to the Sierra de El Abra, Xilitla, Huautla and Cuetzalan, the discovery and descent of Sótano de las Golondrinas, and many other explorations. Articles on cave geology, biology, and archaeology appear. Each volume contains an index.

Volume 1, numbers 1-12, 1965, edited by Terry Raines, Dec. 2019 improved, more legible version 4MB PDF

Volume 2, numbers 1-6, 1966, edited by Terry Raines 17MB PDF

Volume 3, numbers 1-6, 1967-1972, edited by Terry Raines 12MB PDF

Volume 4, numbers 1-6, 1973-1974, edited by William R. Elliott and James R. Reddell 15MB PDF

Volume 5, numbers 1-4, 1974-1977, edited by William R. Elliott and James R. Reddell 14MB PDF

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