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Activities Newsletter

Number 41
June 2018

Edited by Bill Mixon
237 pages

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5 Mexico News, compiled by Bill Mixon

33 Long and Deep Lists, compiled by Mark Minton

37 2017 Sistema Cheve Expedition,

52 Cheve 2017: Enduring Camp Four, Jon Lillestolen

54 Cheve 2017: The Discovery of CL6, Corey Hackley

59 No One Gest Out for Free: A Greenhorn's Account of Cheve 2017, Jordon Toles

69 The White-Collared Swifts at Sótano de las Golondrinas, David Whitacres

71 History of the Proyecto Sierra Mazateca, Marion Akers (history)

80 Cenote Cangrejo, Mauro Bordignon

82 One Year Above and Below the Tree, Tullio Bernabei and Leonardo Colavita

85 Canica 2017, Richard Grebeude

91 The Return to the Huautla Resurgence, Andreas Klocker

96 Dagobah Exploration April 2018, Natalie Gibb

99 History of the Kirkwood Caving Community, Frank Binney (history)

102 Crystals of Naica: Farewell Forever!, Giovanni Badino and Paolo Forti

105 Yuc 2016 Expedition, Christian Thomas

114 Pool Tunich Area - November 2016, Chris Lloyd

120 Mexpe 2014: The Adventure Continues, Serge Olivier

123 Midges in Cueva de Villa Luz, Tactalpa, Tabasco, Mexico, Kathleen Lavoie

125 Exploring Prehistory in Baja California, Carlos Lascano, Francesco Lo Mastro, and Natalino Russo

127 La Muñeca Fea: Largest Chamber in the Americas, Gustavo Vela Turcott

130 Ochun and Ogun, Alexander Buëß

133 Introduction to PESH 2017 and Plans for 2018, Bill Steele and Tommy Shifflett

135 La Grieta from the Bottom Up, Derek Bristol, Gilly Elor, and Zeb Lilly

141 Hoo Hah Dome Climb and Other Adventures, Johanna Kovarik

144 Once in a Lifetime to Campdown Races, Brian Ginding

147 PESH Exploration of Cueva de Tienzo (Goat Cave), Tommy Shifflett

151 [PESH] Additional Cave Discoveries, Mark Minton

154 Water is More Valuable Than Gold, Josh Hydeman

157 Small Caves in the PESH Area, cartography by Tommy Shifflett

174 The Second Great Sierra de El Abra Caving Expedition, Richard Albert(history)

208 New Exploration in Underwater Cave Systems in the Riviera Maya, Zdeněk Motyčka

211 Cave Camping Techniques, Vickie Siegel

219 Pixan Bel, Jessica Gordon

225 Torre Fallecida, Rory O’Keefe

228 Rancho San Graciano, Coahuila, Ken Demarest, Jessica Gordon, and Cait McCann

234 Palos Marias, Michoacan, 2016 and 2018, Peter Ruplinger

236 obituary: Bil Phillips

237 obituary: Sergio Zambrano

218 story: A Memorable River Trip with David McKenzie

227 book review: Cenotes of the Riviera Maya 2016

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