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Activities Newsletter

Number 40
May 2017

Edited by Bill Mixon
104 pages

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5 Mexico News, compiled by Bill Mixon

32 Long and Deep Lists, compiled by Mark Minton

37 The Huautla Resurgence Project 2016 Expedition, Andreas Klocker

45 March 2017 Caving in Quintana Roo: Adding Kilometers of Cave Passage, Gretchen Baker

51 Sistema Pool Tunich Area, November 2015, Chris Lloyd

59 The 3D Caves Project in Mexico, Tim Allen

62 Sima Cuesta Chica, Eladio Terreros

65 Sistema Purifición in Flood, Louise Hose (history)

69 Exploration beyond the Sumps of Redball Canyon, Andreas Klocker

76 The Curse of the Mazatec Crypt?, Ron DeLano

79 Cueva Kantenah and Other Adventures, Tammy Otten

85 Diving in Quintana Roo, Bill Mason

89 AMCS Articles on Huautla, 1965–2016, compiled by Mark Minton

92 The Exploration of Sótano de la Joya de Salas, John Fish (history)

96 The Search for Sótano del Grunge: Exploration of Sótano del Malpaís, Richard Albert (history)

102 obituary: David McKenzie

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