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Activities Newsletter

Number 38
May 2015

Edited by Bill Mixon
132 pages

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5 Mexico News, compiled by Bill Mixon

24 Long and Deep Lists, compiled by Mark Minton

29 Diving Redball Canyon, Liz Rogers

34 Lava Tubes near Xalapa, Veracruz, Gustavo Vela (photogrraphy)

36 The PESH 2014 Expedition, Bill Steele and Tommy Shifflett

41 The Jaguar King, Juan Laden

49 Summer with the Jaguars, Peter Sprouse

55 The Last Cave Exploration in Villa Las Rosas, Kaleb Zárate Gálvez, Cecilio López Tercero, and Omar R. Ortega Chavarría

67 Accident in Sótano de San Agustín, Etienne Degrave (history)

74 Drama in Sótano de San Agustín, Carlos Lazcano (history)

76 The GSAB in Mexico 1980, Jean-Pierre Braun (history)

82 Mexico 1978, Jim Eyre (history)

87 Quintana Roo November 2014, Peter Sprouse

89 La Grieta Cracked, Gilly Elor, Corey Hackley, and John Harman

97 In Pursuit of the Jaguar, Benjamin Schwartz

115 Grupe Spéléo Alpin Belge 2015 Expedition to Puebla, Gustavo Vela (photography)

120 Conservation of the Caves of Cuetzalan, Mike Boon

128 John Michael Boon, 1940-2014 (obituary)

27 story: El Sótano del Profesor, Terry Raines

48 Mario Zabaleta obituary, Peter Sprouse

86 history: The NSS Visits Mexico in 1946, anonymous

88 story: Proof that the CIA Was Running Drugs?, Mark Minton

96 book review: Journey into the Giant Selenite Caves of Mexico, Bill Mixon

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