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Activities Newsletter

Number 37
May 2014

Edited by Bill Mixon
160 pages

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5 Mexico News, compiled by Bill Mixon

30 Long and Deep Lists, compiled by Mark Minton

35 Resumidero de la Joya Jonda: The Deepest Cave in San Luis Potosí, Roberto Legaspi

48 1000 Hours Under the Earth, Phil Short

55 J2, Nicholaus Vieira

59 Akumal Area Caving, May 2012, Joel Despain

63 Caving on the Slopes of Zizintépetl, Jesse Martin

68 The Blind Fish of La Cueva Chica, William Bridges (historical reprint)

82 Canadians in San Agustín, Christian Stenner

87 Diving in Sistema Huautla, Jason Mallinson and Chris Jewell

93 Huautla 2013, Nicholaus Vieira

96 2013: A Busy Time in the Quintana Roo Jungle, Juan Laden

102 The Great San Agustín Cave Rescue, J. Michael Boon (history)

112 Tlanexilotl 2014 Expedition, Gustavo Vela

119 August in the Jungle, Peter Sprouse

125 Sótano de Yerbaniz, William R. Elliott

131 Sistema Murena, Mauro Bordignon

136 Pool Tunich Area, November 2013, Chris Lloyd

143 The High Priest’s Grave, Edward H. Thompson (historical reprint)

149 K’oox Baal, the Fourth-Longest Underwater Cave in the World, Zdeněk Motyčka

156 Xibalba and Imix, Gosia Allison-Kosior

33 El Hundido, Tullio Bernabei (essay)

53 J2—La Ruta Esmeralda, Mark Minton (sidebar)

79 The Great Pushups Contest, Gary Storrick (history)

80 Cave Diving in Quintana Roo, Radoslav Husák (photography)

95 A Quest for the Secrets of Xibalba, Peter Sprouse (book review)

134 Mexpé 2014 SQS Expedition, Gustavo Vela (photography)

154 Persistence, Daniel Hutňan (sidebar)

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