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Activities Newsletter

Number 36
June 2013

Edited by Michael Pugliese
142 pages

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5 Mexico News, compiled by Bill Mixon

38 Long and Deep Lists, compiled by Mark Minton

41 book review Cueva del Río La Venta, and Underground Dream, reviewed by Bill Mixon

42 At the Borders of Ciochimí: A Forgotten Rock Art, Carlos Lazcano

49 2013 Huautla Expedition, Chris Jewell

54 Checking Leads near Camp 1 of San Agustín, Bill Steele

57 First Caving in Huautla, John Fish and William Russell (history)

63 New Cave Survey at Grutas de Juxtlahuaca, Laura Rosales

66 Astyanax International Meeting 2013, William Elliott

70 Cueva de Rey Condoy, Elliot Stahl (photo essay)

79 Ueyolbastle, Gustavo Vela

82 Summer Caving in the Riviera Maya, Bev Shade, Devra Heyer, Peter Sprouse

90 2013: A Busy Time in the Quintana Roo Jungle, members of the expedition

102 End of the World Caving Expedition, December 2012, Chris Lloyd

111 Explorations in the Sumidero del Higo, Kaleb Zárate, Gilbert Salinas, Alessandra Lanzetta

118 2013 Tzontzecuilculi Expedition, Gustavo Vela

124 Anthodite Hall, Elliot Stahl (photo essay)

128 Using the Microsoft Kinect to Create a 3-D Cave Map, Jon Beach

132 Expedition Ixtacxochitla 2012, Ramsés Miranda, Angeles Verde, Ulises Rivera

139 Exploration of Actun Jaaleb, Raúl Manzanilla

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