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Activities Newsletter

Number 35
May 2012

Edited by Bill Mixon
120 pages

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5 Mexico News, compiled by Bill Mixon

39 Long and Deep Lists, compiled by Mark Minton

43 Underwater Archaeology at Cenote Holtun, Jason Richards

51 Quintana Roo Caving, 18–30 November 2011, Ray Keeler

58 Expedition Tzontzecuiculi 2012, Gustavo Vela Turcott

64 The Discovery and Descent of Sótano de El Barro, Craig Bittinger and Terry Raines (history)

69 Sierra Negra 2010–2011: From La Cumbre to Ojo de Agua, Omar Hernández

74 Solo Lew in Mexico, Lew Bicking (history)

77 Ixtacxochitla, Puebla, 2008–2011, Ramsés Miranda Gamboa, et al.

89 Mapping Hoyo Negro, Roberto Chávez, Susan Bird, and Alberto Nava

95 Actun Xcoch: A Watering Place for an Ancient City, Eric Weaver

100 John Lloyd Stephens in Actun Xcoch (historical reprint)

103 Casa Carlota Caving in the Sierra Mazateca, Marion Akers

111 Puerto Aventuras Caving, February 2012, Peter Sprouse and Aaron Addison

116 Some Springs and Caves in Northern Mexico, Oliver Knab

38 drawing by Barb MacLeod

57 old newspaper report "City Found in Huge Cavern"

94 book review The Deep Zone, reviewed by Bill Mixon

94 book review Las Cuevas de Yucatán: La Región de Vallodolid, reviewed by Bill Mixon

120 highway signs at Vulcan de los Murciélagos, photos by Gustavo Vela

50,110 cartoons by Jim Kramer

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