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Activities Newsletter

Numbers 1-7
January 1975 -
November 1977

Edited by Bill Russell
scanned pages in searchable PDF files
approximately 170 pages total

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At first, the AMCS Activities Newsletter consisted of smaller, more frequent issues. Originals are out of print. (The title of the first six numbers was actually AMCS Activities Letter.) Only a few of the highlights of each number are listed below.

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Number 1, January 1975, 7 pages. Sótano de Otates, El Socovon, Sumidero Yochib, caves in Yucatan Peninsula.

Number 2, May 1975, 19 pages. Diamante, Yochib, cave-map symbols.

Number 3, October 1975, 29 pages. Yucatan, Sótano de Casi Mil, Sierra de El Abra, Illusive Pit, Sótano Hondo de Pinalito, cave-map symbols.

Number 4, May 1976, 24 pages. Yochib, flying over the El Abra, Joya de Las Conchas, Sótano de Nogal, Cueva de las Colemenas, Otates Mine area, La Cueva de Juan Sanchez.

Number 5, January 1977, 20 pages. Xilitla Plateua, Sótano de Nogal, Hoya de La Luz, San Juan area, return to Huautla, Cueva del Brinco.

Number 6, May 1977, 38 pages. Brinco, Yochib, Huautla: La Grieta, Sótano de San Agustín.

Number 7, November 1977, 33 pages. La Grieta, Cueva de la Peña, Purificación: Brinco, Infiernillo.

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