An article in the April [2003] "NSS News" that directs readers interested in the Association for Mexican Cave Studies to the web site www.amcs.org requires us to clarify the current situation. That site, as well as a post office box numbered 7037, are operated by an individual who deserves great credit for initiating the AMCS's publications program in the middle 1960s. However, his efforts essentially ended in the late 1970s. Unfortunately, since then he has refused to pass the torch, and he is not cooperating with those who have continued the AMCS since that time.

Other cavers were forced to start the ongoing AMCS Activities Newsletter to replace the moribund AMCS Newsletter, and they have also recently resumed publishing the AMCS bulletins series. While some older AMCS publications may be available from his web site, those wishing to support the current program of publications and other activities of the Association for Mexican Cave Studies, which is now an official project of the National Speleological Society, should use the addresses www.mexicancaves.org or PO Box 7672, Austin, Texas 78713.

--Bill Mixon, AMCS Editor; James Reddell, William Russell, Peter Sprouse, AMCS Advisory Committee

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