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Organization and Contacts


The AMCS exists to publish information on the study, exploration and conservation of caves in Mexico and adjacent areas. It is informally organized. It has no official membership list and no dues. Subscriptions to publications are not accepted, because publications tend to be irregular. Anyone who participates in the study, exploration or conservation of the caves of Mexico is welcome to regard himself as a member of the AMCS, provided he or she behaves with proper respect for the people and caves of Mexico.


The AMCS does maintain a private list of email addresses for those who wish to be notified by email when new publications become available or material for a publication is sought. This is not a mailing list for general announcements or queries about Mexican caves and caving. To be added to the list or correct your existing entry, email Feel free to contact any of the individuals listed below if you have a question.

We are grateful to the late Bill Mixon who served as editor and treasurer of the AMCS for many years. He passed away on 8 May 2019, leaving a big hole in our association. Please visit The Hall of Texas and Mexico Cavers at for an obituary and tributes to Bill.

We also remember William H. (Bill) Russell, who died on 21 March 2019. William was one of the founders of the AMCS, a former editor and a member of the advisory board. He discovered many caves and cave areas in Mexico. Please see his obituary at the Hall of Texas and Mexico Cavers, along with many other Mexico cavers who departed in the last few years: John Fish, Ernie Garza, Don Broussard, Peter Strickland, Sergio Zambrano and David McKenzie.

The Association for Mexican Cave Studies is an official Project of the National Speleological Society. We welcome volunteers to our publications staff and to help organize our files at the Texas Speleology Center near Driftwood, Texas. Our previous board of advisors has been revised to an AMCS Committee composed of the following cavers:

AMCS Committee

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William R. Elliott, NSS 10847, NSS Fellow and Honorary Member. Web editor, biology, map database, GIS.

Jim “Crash” Kennedy, NSS 26791, NSS Fellow. Publication sales. 

Cait McCann, NSS 68376. Publication editor.

Logan McNatt, NSS 11274, NSS Fellow. Archaeology, anthropology, history, Belize and Central America.

Mark Minton, NSS 58116, NSS Fellow and Lew Bicking Award for Exploration. Exploration, Long and Deep Caves List. 

Peter Sprouse, NSS 14445, NSS Fellow and Lew Bicking Award for Exploration. Head of AMCS Committee, treasurer, exploration, cave database, GIS.



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