The AMCS Bulletin series is published by the Association for Mexican Cave Studies, a Project of the National Speleological Society. Bulletins are monographs, published irregularly, on cave areas in Mexico or topics concerning the caves of Mexico. The following Bulletins have been published.

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Bulletin 26. The Astyanax Caves of Mexico: Cavefishes of Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, and Guerrero (2018). $30

Bulletin 25. San Agustín 2013 Expedition (2014). out of print. Free 7 MB* PDF

Bulletin 24. Sulfidic Karst Springs and Speleogenesis in the Sierra de Chiapas (2013). $8

Bulletin 23. Heart of Earth: Studies in Maya Ritual Cave Use (2012). $10

Bulletin 22. Return to the Forgotten World / Regreso al Mundo Olvidado (2012). $10

Bulletin 21. Karst Hydrogeology and Speleogeneis of Sistema Zacatón (2010). Out of print; free 12.5 MB* PDF.

Bulletin 20. Exploring Highland Maya Ritual Cave Use: Archaeology & Ethnography in Huehuetenango, Guatemala (2009). $8

Bulletin 19. Proceedings of the X, XI, and XII International Symposia on Vulcanospeleology (2008). $15 (including CD supplement) or free 18 MB* PDF, 15 MB* .ZIP supplement.

Bulletin 18. Modeling the Groundwater Catchment of the Sian Ka'an Reserve, Quitana Roo (2007). $15

Bulletin 17. Lava Tubes of the Suchiooc Volcano, Mexico (2006). $10

Bulletin 16. Ancient Maya Ritual Cave Use in the Sibun Valley, Belize (2006). $12

Bulletin 15. Adaptations to Cave Life in Decapods from Oaxaca (2005). $12

Bulletin 14. Karst Hydrology of the Sierra de El Abra, Mexico (2004). out of print. Free 8 MB* PDF

Bulletin 13. Geologic Studies in the Purificación Karst (2004). $10

Bulletin 12. Ancient Maya Cave Use in the Yalahau Region, Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico (2003). Free 14 MB* PDF

Bulletin 11. Cave Hydrology of the Caribbean Yucatan Coast (2003). $10

Bulletin 10. Caves of the Golondrinas Area (2002). $6 REDUCED

Bulletin 9. Hydrogeology of the Sistema Huautla Karst Groundwater Basin (2002). Free 7.4 MB* PDF

Bulletin 8. Further Studies on the Cavernicole Fauna of Mexico and Adjacent Regions (1982). Free 23 MB* PDF

Bulletin 7. Caves of the San Juan Plateau (1977). Free 7.4 MB* PDF
A few copies of the bound book of Bulletin 7, without the loose map plates, are still available for $3.

Bulletin 6. Studies on the Caves and Cave Fauna of the Yucatan Peninsula (1977). Free 40 MB* PDF

Bulletin 5. Studies on the Cavernicole Fauna of Mexico and Adjacent Regions (1973). Free 24 MB* PDF

Bulletin 4. Studies on the Cavernicole Fauna of Mexico (1971). Free 48 MB* PDF

Bulletin 3. A Preliminary Bibliography of Mexican Cave Biology (1971). Free 9.5 MB* PDF

Bulletin 2. Sótano de las Golondrinas (1968). Free 4 MB* PDF

Bulletin 1. Caves of the Inter-American Highway (1967; reprint 2001). Free 11 MB* PDF

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